GRE Issue Essay 209

“What we call progress is a matter of exchanging one problem for another.”

Since the time human race came into existence the process of progress is an ongoing phenomenon. Progress never ceases as it shows the change in man’s thinking and creative abilities. If progress stops then this human race would certainly become static. It is very beautifully put in words by Oscar Wilde, “Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation.” This line very aptly describes the importance of progress in our lives. Wilde believes that if ever a man or a nation is contended with its progress then further progress ceases and it is the end of progress. Therefore, when we are discontented in our endeavors then only will we be able to make progress in all fields of life. I believe that progress is an indication of stronger, skilled, confident and a successful man which would be capable of making a successful nation. I do not see progress as an obstacle but a measure of solving all the problems.

In today’s time man is making progress in all fields of life. Progress in various fields is solving numerable problems. The constant process of progress opens new doors of success for man. If we cease to make progress then instead of going forward we would go backward because when something is not increasing then it is certainly decreasing. Progress in various fields has helped us to tackle many problems. The various progresses in the technological front have helped humans solve many problems. With the progress in the various means of transport we can reach any place in lesser time. The various progresses in the field of science have helped to solve many health related issues and cure of many diseases have also been found. There is tremendous amount of progress in our educational structure. We are able to reach more children and hence are able to educate them and make them responsible citizens of our nation.

The progress in various fields has been tremendous and its impact on the lives of everyone is positive. Although it is because of progress that several problems in our lives have got solved but it is also true that all those problems are the result of progress only. A cave man was so very simple and his life was easy and this progress has made a man so worked up that he has forgotten the true essence of life. The process of progress is not always positive it has gone negative too. A man these days has everything but time for himself. Negative progress has resulted in nuclear weapons which can harm the existence of man.

Therefore, we must make progress in all fields but what problems progress has caused can not be denied. Our endeavors should be integrated to solve these problems. Although progress in certain fields can be deadly for humans but it is in our hands to integrate progress to aid us against such problems.