GRE Issue Essay 208

“The absence of choice is a circumstance that is very, very rare.”

Freedom of any kind is a birth right of an individual and nobody can be denied of this right. The right of choice is one of our fundamental rights which an individual can not be deprived of. A human is free to make choice amongst the options available to him but I believe that in almost all places there is a code of conduct which needs to be followed to maintain unity. I do not agree that an absence of choice is a rare circumstance but I think the ability to exercise an individual preference is a rare circumstance.

We all live in a society which demands us to follow a certain set of rules and regulation. Although such rules might be against the free will of some person but to maintain unity in the social structure it is necessary that all those who comprise the social structure abide by the rules. If we do not follow such rules and regulations and every person behaves and acts according to his own choice then this social system would become very chaotic. There would be no law and order and thus there would be no safety. A child who goes to school has to follow not only the rules and regulations of that school but also the discipline which is followed at his home. Similarly, an employee working in the office has to follow the code of conduct of his workplace and he is not free to do what he wants. The restrictions on ones free will most of the times kill the creativity of the person but it is necessary to maintain the uniformity of the workplace. It is not only the educational and professional institutes that demand rules and regulations to be followed but our social structure also demands so. A human being is a social animal and we humans have created this social structure and rules and regulations for our society so that it becomes a safe place for survival. A person living in the society has to merge in it as any person who behaves as per his own will and choice is never accepted in the society. Our law also does not give us freedom of choice in the context that when two persons have committed the same crime they would be getting the same punishment and no choice is granted to them.

Although it is very important for law and order that we follow rules and regulation but it is also important that a person can exercise his right of choice. An individual is free to speak, do and write whatever he pleases but without harming the rights of others. A child going to school has various rights of choice as which school he wants to go to and what further field of education he wants to pursue.

Therefore, it is important for all individuals to follow their right of choice but taking into consideration the interest of other individuals.