GRE Issue Essay 207

“While most of the environmental problems we face result from the use of technology, society must depend upon technology to find solutions to these problems.”

Technology has proved to be a boon for mankind. It is technology which has helped us develop in all fronts of life. Without technological developments we would still be living in pre-historic age. It is the various technological innovations which have made this world progress so much that nothing today seems to be impossible. Technology has made those things feasible which once we never even thought of. We certainly have to pay a price for every comfort we get and nothing comes free of cost. The various environmental problems which have resulted from various technological innovations are the price we are paying to nature for our comfort. I agree that if technology is causing all these environmental problems then technology alone should bring out various measures to solve this problem.

Technology is progressing faster and faster. One nation wants to outshine the other nation by creating something better and superior and in this rat race of competition our environment is suffering a lot. There is a lot of chemical waste from the industries and it is polluting the air and the water bodies. The pollution on roads because of numerous vehicles is increasing day by day. There is large number of industries coming up which would add up to the pollution level. We have become very advanced and technology has helped humans to progress in all fields of life but now endeavor should be made to protect the environment. There should be such innovations which create no hazards for our environment and if we are harming the environment we are eventually harming ourselves. The effect of pollution on environment has resulted in global warming and this would harm humans in the long run. The efforts in technology should now be instigated to help the environment. Various technological measures should be taken to ensure safety of the environment. Such fuels should be used which cause less pollution and alternate options should be adopted in technology which are either not at all harmful or less harmful for nature.

Although these environmental problems are caused due to technology but we should not forget that these innovations in the technological front were made to aid humans in different fields of life. Therefore, it is not only the responsibility of technology to solve the environment related problems but of humans also who the cause behind all such problems is. We can help the environment by putting restrictions on our technological use, that certainly does not mean abstaining from it but putting a limit would certainly help. Another cause is the increasing population which again can be solved by humans.

Therefore, neither technology nor society alone can solve this problem but the combined efforts from both would certainly yield fruitful results. Technology is there to help the society to become more developed and not harm it and if the measures are adopted to save the environment then it would eventually be in the interest of the society.