GRE Issue Essay 206

“Students should be encouraged to realize that mental agility and rhetorical skill must be accompanied by sincerity and the true conviction of their own beliefs.”

The life of a student is a constant journey of learning. It becomes the prime responsibility of the teacher to educate students not only about the school curriculum but also to be sincere and true in whatever they do. Every student has different skills and if he is led to the right direction then he can achieve his goals with his conviction and beliefs. It becomes the responsibility not only of the parents but also of the teachers to make the convictions and beliefs of the student go on the correct path. I agree that the great mental and creative ability of a child should be encouraged and it should include his sincerity and true conviction of his own beliefs.

Educational institutes can help a student enhance his mental and communicative skills but how a child uses them is up the child. It is very important how a student portrays his ideas as it is very important not only for his educational front but for his emotional front too. A child with good mental ability and communicative skills can not only make a place for himself in the society but he would be able to do academically well also. A child who is expressive can easily put across his points not only verbally but in writing also. If a child with good mental ability and communicative skills lacks conviction and beliefs then his abilities to express himself lack soul. It is very important that a student has high morals otherwise his creative abilities can lead to wrong directions and this would result in dire consequences. The people who had great thinking power and made remarkable achievements but lacked moral values were never appreciated by the society. The lack of morality in any achievement is like a body without soul.

It is important that the students should not only be encouraged to practice their mental and rhetorical skills but to exercise their own true convictions and beliefs. The point that arises here is that every child has his own convictions and beliefs depending upon the social background from which the child comes. It is very important that his society does not hold any racist or fanatic beliefs. If the beliefs of a child are free from such social pressures then only would it be in the interest of the child as well as of the society to exercise such beliefs. It would be detrimental for the interest of the society if the students are not guided in the right direction. Students should be allowed to exercise their beliefs and convictions but they should not bias to a particular religion or society.

Therefore, it is very important that the convictions and beliefs of the students are integrated not to be misused. It is also possible that creative and mental skills can be isolated from convictions and beliefs but if they are together then it is very important that they lead on the right way.