GRE Issue Essay 205

“The problems of modern society have led many people to complain: ‘We live in terrible times.’ Yet, given the choice, no one today would prefer to live in any other time.”

We all want to live happily and contentedly in our lives. The role of a society in making our lives comfortable can not be denied. Although we are those who comprise this social structure but we only often complain about the problems in the structure of the society. It is seldom that we are contended with what we have got in life. When this human race stared to make progress that time also some humans must not be contended in the way progress was made. In recent times also some people are unhappy with the way society is progressing but they would still not like to disassociate themselves from it. I believe that in spite of having numerous problems in the society and people constantly complaining about it, they would still not like to stay in any other time. This modern society has made our lives comfortable and simple because of all the advanced technologies in the recent times.

The modern society has made this world a place worth living. We have developed in many aspects compared to the past. Our education system has developed very fast. We have made many developments not only in the scientific front but also in the social front. Man has reached moon and there is no place in this world where one can not reach. People around the world have started communicating and the society of one country has traces of different societies of the country in it. This modern society has made different platforms where people from across the world can come and interact. This certainly was not possible in the olden times. The recent invention of mobile phones has also revolutionized communication industry and people can talk more often. The contribution of modern society is remarkable in making the present world worthwhile.

Although the modern society has transformed our old society tremendously but still there are certain flaws in this modern society which people generally complain about. This modern society has made the younger generation forget its old values and beliefs which worked as trademark for a society. The younger generation which is the future of the country is not nurtured upon values and beliefs which were the foundation of our social structure. The increasing crime rate is also another drawback of this present society. It would not be wrong to say that this modern society is the society which is very different from our older generation society and it certainly lacks soul which was the base of the old society.

Society is the mirror in which anyone can see the present and future of the nation. There is no doubt that the modern society has certain flaws in it but this is the price that we have to pay for being modern. Everything has its pros and cons and if the older society had values then it did not have technology and development in various fields. It is on us how we make best use of our modern society but without getting negativity affected by it.