GRE Issue Essay 203

“The arts (painting, music, literature, etc.) reveal the otherwise hidden ideas and impulses of a society.”

An art is a mirror of a nation and it depicts the values and beliefs of a nation. It would not be wrong to say that different forms of arts from different nations are identity of that nation. Art forms of a nation are not different from it; rather they form an integral part of a nation. An art makes a person more creative and arts it very thought provoking. Artists are able to express their hidden view points through their medium of art. There are numerous art forms through which the inner soul of a person is unleashed. What a person can not otherwise express he can through the medium of his art. The various art forms show the hidden talents of people. I believe that arts reveal the otherwise hidden ideas and impulses of a society.

A singer can describe his feeling of sorrow or joy through his songs which otherwise becomes difficult for a person to express. Music makes the singer express his inner feelings through his songs. Even a painter, in his paintings, can reach any where he wants to. He can create even what does not exist in this world. The thoughts and expressions of a painter know no bounds and he can create a world of his own. Even in the pre-historic ages man used this medium to describe his feelings. The famous pyramids of Egypt have inscriptions and paintings of pre-historic era. The various art forms include the otherwise hidden messages also that need to be conveyed to the society. At times we might feel that arts depicts the over evaluated picture of the society but it is the artist’s view and method of expressing his inner feelings. The society itself has great influence on the society or artist as the traces of inspiration can be seen in the works of artists. We are living in a social structure which is very complicated and arts have played their due role in making it simpler and understandable. It is very difficult to imagine a society without arts. Arts have always helped people to rejuvenate their inner strengths and energies.

Although generally artists portray society only but it is not always necessary. Artists are individuals and they have creativity of their own; they are not bound by anything. At times they may create certain things which are contrary to the society. It is very much possible that artists convey the message they want to convey to the society and what society expects from them.

An art is not the only medium where human energies and desires are unleashed but in the present world they are numerous sources of recreation which unwind the inner feelings of humans. The various forms of arts have always helped us to understand and express the society better but arts are certainly not the only medium. Arts have an indispensable part of out society but it not the only way a person can express its hidden feeling and emotions.