GRE Issue Essay 196

“Instant foods, instant communication, faster transportation-all of these recent developments are designed to save time. Ironically, though, instead of making more leisure time available, these developments have contributed to a pace of human affairs that is more rushed and more frantic than ever before.”

All modern developments like instant foods, instant communication and faster transportation serve to save time which has been further utilized by humans for increasing their productivity. The end result is that lives are now much more frantic and fast-paced as these technological developments ensure that Man need not waste his time in travelling, communicating or eating. Therefore, it is quite true that these developments have contributed to making human lives more rushed than ever. Nevertheless, one cannot ignore the fact that the basic human nature to succeed in one’s endeavors also contributes immensely to this fast-paced life.

It is the basic nature of humans to strive for more as they are seldom satisfied by their achievements. The urge to excel in your career makes you go all out to prove yourself despite the lack of time. People carry their official work to their homes and they keep working at unearthly hours with total disregard to their health or the quality time that should be ideally spent with their families. Their inability to effectively utilize the time available will result in a scenario wherein they have been surpassed by others in the race to succeed in life. In order to utilize maximum time for working, people resort to saving time wherever possible.

Modern technological developments have provided us with faster means of transport which are utilized by people to save time that would have otherwise been spent in travelling. If you have to travel to another corner of the country on official business, it is rare that you will travel by road unless your financial status does not permit you to fly down. However, the time thus saved is not utilized by people for relaxing. On the other hand, they try their level best to utilize this additional time for doing some extra work. Even if a person wants to relax in the additional time that is now available, it is unlikely that his employers would allow him to spend this time as leisure time.

Private companies, small businesses, government undertakings, organizations like schools and hospitals are all under a lot of pressure to provide good results. This pressure affects the working environment in the organization. The employees are under constant stress to display their professionalism and their commitment towards their official responsibilities. Any laxity on their part may lead to the termination of their employment. Therefore, all the time that has been saved because of the technological developments is either utilized by the employers for extracting work from the employees or the employees themselves have the inherent inclination to utilize this additional time for putting in additional work or completing their pending work.

The availability of instant food has made people consider bringing official work to their homes as they need not bother about spending time on cooking elaborate meals. Instant communication has enabled people to get quick decisions and therefore, the official work proceeds at a constant pace with no requirement of spending time waiting for the decision to reach you by post. We are now leading a faster-paced life as compared to our ancestors. The present day generation pays more emphasis on efficiency as that is the key for success in today’s competitive world.

In conclusion, it can be said that the modern developments have indeed saved time for humans, but it is the competitive spirit of humans that has made them utilize the time thus saved for increasing their productivity, thereby making their lives hurried and hectic.