GRE Issue Essay 16

“It is easy to welcome innovation and accept new ideas. What most people find difficult, however, is accepting the way these new ideas are put into practice.”

Any new development requires initiative and efforts from people. Innovation and new ideas can be put to practice only when people accept it. Although everyone favors innovation and development, the same cannot be said about it when it comes to practicing it. To accept the innovation, people have to accept its implications as well. While all developments are made for the betterment of society, some of these are done at the cost of compromising somewhere else which may not be accepted by all.

When we accept an innovation, we don’t just accept the new idea behind the innovation and the comfort that it will bring, we also have to accept the related changes that might occur due to it. These may be certain responsibilities that we have to carry or certain ways in which our lives maybe changed. For example, it is known to all that water is essential to all beings and we must save every drop of it. It is highlighted everywhere in newspapers, radios etc that we should try and save water. People are told how to save water and recycle it. We show our full support for such a cause only till we don’t have to compromise on comfort from our side. In the wake of saving water and preventing misuse of water, the government puts restrictions on the supply of water to households. Moreover, people are made to follow laws where they are not allowed to wash cars and water lawns. Such policies are not accepted by people in general. We become selfish when it comes to our personal comfort and we do not want to compromise on anything. This is how a novel idea of saving water and preventing its misuse is not approved of by people at large and it shows the general attitude that new ideas and changes are not accepted easily when they are implemented.

There is another reason due to which new innovation and ideas are not easily accepted. There maybe willingness to incorporate it but due to lack of means and supplies it might get impossible and thus cause dissatisfaction and difficulty in acceptance. For example, with the advancement of technology, new innovations are introduced in the world. This may be extremely beneficial for development and upliftment of society. There might be the best of technologies that are used for building roads, bridges and industries in the world. There are nuclear power plants and modern warfare which every country wants to possess. However, a poor country cannot implement these technologies despite their benefits because of the difficulties that surround it. The government not only needs to buy these technologies from other nations but also needs funds to start the development work. It gets difficult to arrange funds on a large scale and hence implementation of these novel ideas gets difficult. Here also, technology is appreciated and accepted, but its implementation gets difficult because it requires finances and technical know-how.

As seen in the above cases, new ideas and inventions may be attractive and promising, but looking at the practical aspect of incorporating these ideas, it can get difficult and not easily accepted. Although all innovative ideas may not be that demanding so as to be difficult to accept, most of them are met with the same response. In order to gain from something, we have to forego another which causes discomfort. It is human nature to feel this way, but at the same time, no one can deny the importance of development and progress brought by these very innovations and ideas.