GRE Issue Essay 15

“Practicality is now our great idol, which all powers and talents must serve. Anything that is not obviously practical has little value in today’s world.”

In today’s world one has to struggle and find a place for himself. This becomes more and more difficult due to the ever increasing competition. You have to constantly prove yourself in order to achieve success. On the other hand, if you keep assuring yourself that you are the best without proving your worth, there would be no one to believe your stand. In more clear terms, one has to be practical to get noticed and achieve one’s goal.

In the primitive times, there was lack of knowledge. People would easily believe what was told to them. No one knew where the sun came from in the morning and where it went at night. They said that the sun is moving, and earth is a flat plane. There were many myths regarding such things and no one looked into the scientific aspect due to lack of knowledge. People made their own beliefs from the bits and pieces of information that they had. However, with the changing of times and spread of knowledge, the shallowness in these beliefs was exposed. Today there are no takers of the myths and beliefs that people held in the olden times. Reality has taken over the imaginative mind. We believe in a theory only if it proves to be true and practical.

Practicality in today’s world is extended to all spheres. We accept something only if we find the need of it and understand the logic behind it. An example in the change in thinking due to this can be seen in the fundamental rights that Indians are granted. Earlier, a person was granted the right to vote after he reached the age of 21. With the change in time, it was observed that teenagers are maturing at an early stage and an 18 year old was responsible and sensible enough to vote. It was being practical to amend the laws and make the minimum voting age as 18. Such decisions are guided by their practical use. At the same time it would be impractical to allow a 15 year old to make decisions regarding electing his representatives since it is not practical to rely upon his decisions.

The difference between being practical and impractical lies in actually fulfilling your dreams and building castles in the air. A person may just dream about making it big some day and wish for an overnight change to happen. While few have been lucky to experience such a miracle, it is not the case in general. One has to plan and work towards reaching his goal. Practicality is in relying upon your hard work rather than waiting for a miracle to happen.

However, there is a link between dreaming to make it big and working towards fulfilling these dreams. While a person can fulfill his dreams only by working in reality, one sets these high aims and goals only by dreaming. If a person does not dream and imagine the unthinkable and remains satisfied with what he has, he can never achieve anything outstanding in his life. To be an achiever, one has to plan for it which can only come by being a dreamer initially. Looking at it this way, we can say that there is direct relation between success and dreaming for the success, and one cannot negate the importance of the impractical side of it completely.