GRE Issue Essay 12

“As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more complex and more mysterious.”

Knowledge is the state of being enlightened. It is acquiring information and skills which help you to understand things around you in a better way. It also helps in bringing perfection in a person’s work and life. Knowledge is gained consciously as well as unconsciously. While one makes an effort to acquire knowledge through getting educated and becoming learned it is also through experience that one becomes knowledgeable. It is however questionable as to why gaining knowledge is important. As discussed earlier, it makes you understand your surroundings better and bring perfection in your life. Things become more comprehensible and you gain confidence. However, as a person gains more and more knowledge, it can lead to details, complexities and mysteries, but it is only with more efforts that new study comes to light.

When a child comes into this world, he is completely ignorant and therefore is dependent on his parents. As he grows up, he observes things around him. Slowly he gets the knowledge about what is good and what is bad for him. It is only when he gains the knowledge of his surroundings that he is capable of being on his own. He comes to know that by putting his hand in a fire, he might get burnt, and by playing with sharp objects he can hurt himself. In case this does not happen, he would remain dependent upon others all his life. Therefore, knowledge makes you independent and practical in life.

It is with exercising one’s brain and gaining knowledge that we are living in this age. Without the knowledge of agriculture, we would not be able to produce food for ourselves, without the knowledge of iron we would not be able to set up industries. Similarly, the knowledge of human body and medicines helps us to keep fit and live a healthy life. Such things are basic to our life and life is incomprehensible without them.

Apart from the basic knowledge of things, one needs to acquire specific knowledge as well. That makes him survive in the world by making a place for himself. For example, if a person gains the knowledge of carpentry, he can extend his knowledge to others who do not have this specific skill and earn his living.

A person goes on acquiring information unless he is satisfied. However, there are unlimited things unknown to man. There are a number of things that are unexplainable and accepted as they are. It is only with the efforts of someone that we can have an explanation of these things. We did not know anything about the universe unless it was explored. The biggest of inventions and discoveries have been possible only by indulging in them. If we retreat our steps for the fear of getting jumbled up in complexities, new inventions and discoveries would never be possible.

However, in the pursuit of acquiring knowledge, one must not lose ground and get lost in the complexities. While it is important to gain knowledge, it is also important to keep your balance and not get lost in finding solutions to mysterious and complex situations.