GRE Issue Essay 11

“It is dangerous to trust only intelligence.”

Intelligence is what helps us to survive in this competitive world. Where there are limited opportunities and unlimited number of candidates, the only way to fight it out is through intelligence. Where a dull person does not find a place and is not recognized in the world, an intelligence person creates a niche for himself. Therefore, it always goes to one’s benefit to polish one’s intellectual skills. However, one must not mistake this with cunningness and deceit. While intelligence is important it should not take the shape of foxiness.

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. This means that the activity of the brain is very important to keep a healthy mind and body. It ensures that the brain is working and occupied, which keeps all the negative vibes away. However, it is very important to keep a check on the activities of the brain. It should be under the control of a person and not like a tame-less animal. Along with having intellect, it is equally important for a person to be compassionate, trustworthy and loving. While a place in the world is got with intelligence, a place in the hearts of people is got with compassion and trust. It is only with a proper combination of both that one can truly rule the world.

Human intelligence is unfathomable. This is the only reason why humans are superior to other beings on earth. Humans are capable of expressing themselves, reasoning out and finding solutions in difficult situations. The brainpower of a person can take him a long way. For example, it is with the support of intellect that a person can get admission into the top colleges and prestigious courses. Getting admission into such colleges is a ticket to a bright future and successful life. This helps in establishing the person’s career. Along with intelligence it is equally important to keep the faith of others in you. We live in a society where people interact with each other and no one can survive in isolation. It is only if this interaction is healthy that the hard work and intellect pays off. If a doctor earns his degree by intelligence, he earns his patients with trust and good work. That is why is not only important to work hard but also to be sincere.

If a person is a slave of his intelligence, it does not make him think about the goodwill of others. His intelligence becomes a tool for gaining power. There is no place for compassion, trust, love and sincerity for such a person. In turn, he is not accepted in the society. However, the days of power may not last forever since we are a subject to destiny. With his attitude and nature he will be left alone and will not have anyone to stand by his side in his difficult times. This is how he will be responsible of his own fall and he will realize the importance of having a soft heart along with brilliance.

Intelligence is therefore very important to survive in the world, but should not be the only guiding principle of one’s life. As little knowledge is dangerous, so is trusting only intelligence, which can bring the fall of a person.