GRE Issue Essay 190

“In any field of endeavor-the sciences, the humanities, the social sciences, industry, etc.-it is not the attainment of a goal that matters, but rather the ideas and discoveries that are encountered on the way to the goal.”

While attempting something new or different, one encounters many new experiences. The whole process of the attempt to reach a certain goal becomes a learning experience. One faces new ideas and discoveries at every step of the endeavor. I agree that these discoveries and ideas are very essential and help in the overall growth. However, I also believe that attainment of a goal is equally important. It is not only the means but also the end that I consider of great value.

When we undertake a task to accomplish a particular goal, we also have a firsthand experience of working towards the goal. In this process, there are many new discoveries and ideas that we come across. These discoveries not only increase the knowledge but also refine the way we work towards our goal. A student who aims to be a doctor needs to work hard with sincerity and dedication in order to accomplish his goal. Moreover, he needs to have clear ideas and feeling of compassion towards people so that he can help them get rid of their miseries. These ideas help in shaping up his career and refining his skills as a doctor. It is only through his experiences that he would learn the bigger lessons of life.

Many times it so happens that these discoveries and ideas that appear in the effort to get to somewhere are what help to define a successful endeavor. For example, it was only when Newton was struck with the idea of an apple falling from the tree that he came up with the laws of gravity. It is evident that he did not have the aim of finding gravity since this phenomenon was not known beforehand to him. However, it only came to existence due to the discoveries and ideas of the great thinker while doing a completely different activity. Therefore, it can be said that the ideas and discoveries in the path of an endeavor are a creation of the working mind and they can lead to great discoveries of the future.

The means to reach to a goal are important because they are the soul of the task and define the quality of work. However, it does not undervalue the importance of having a goal. I am of the view that it is the goal that is the driving force behind the task and this should not be ignored. It gives a lead to the task and becomes an inspiration for us. Things like telephones, bulbs etc have been invented only because the scientists had a goal in mind. It is the goal of forming a stable and a secure society that gives birth to democracy and fundamental rights. Similarly, in an industry or business, a target has to be formed beforehand to produce a given number of goods in the given time so that the best use of its resources is made. An endeavor is not complete unless its target is reached. In case the need of forming a goal is underestimated, the efforts and hard work loses its direction, and it might result in a waste of time in the end. If an industry were not able to meet its deadline, all the produce that it produces would go waste along with the efforts put in it.

I therefore feel that along with the discoveries and ideas that are encountered in the way to the goal, the goal itself is also important. We should not ignore any of the two in order to have a successful and satisfying endeavor.