GRE Issue Essay 189

“With the growth of global networks in such areas as economics and communication, there is no doubt that every aspect of society-including education, politics, the arts, and the sciences-will benefit greatly from international influences.”

With the world coming closer due to various networks, it is possible to communicate and interact from a distance within no time. Telecommunication and satellite communication have greatly helped in building up interaction across the world that has affected almost every field in its own way. There is tremendous impact of these global networks on every field like education, politics, art and science. However, it cannot be determined whether all these fields stand only to benefit from this impact. I agree that there is great benefit of these global networks, but global networking has also proved to be detrimental in certain ways to these fields.

If a field stands to benefit from global networks in a particular way, it might be at a disadvantage in another way. Therefore, it is a matter of how these networks are used by people of various fields in order to know its merits or demerits distinctly. Let us begin by emphasizing the benefits of network connections throughout the world. In the field of art, these global network connections help in giving a greater canvass to artists. Therefore, there is global recognition of their art. The distinct features of art can be presented to the world and inspiration can be drawn from the works of others.

Similarly, the influence of global networks on education and science is noteworthy for its benefits. It is through these network connections that it is possible to access information from any part of the world. The Internet works as a storehouse of information for students. It also makes international exchange of ideas and discussion amongst students as well as teachers possible. The science, technology, research and information developed in one part of the world can be shared by the whole world at the same time. Scientists from all over the world can have chat sessions and communicate their ideas through these network connections.

In the field of politics, global networking plays a very important role. It is through these connections that a country can express its concern towards an international issue. It gives the opportunity to learn from the political blunders committed by other countries and avoid such situations in future. For example, it can be learnt from the political situations of Iraq that a state of chaos can lead to internal and external disturbances.

On the other hand, these global networks have proven to be disastrous in many ways. For example, in the field of art, the negative effect of global network is seen in the intermingling of different features of art, which would eventually destroy the originality that exists in a particular genre. In the field of education, students are exposed to a lot of information that can have a bad influence on their minds and can divert them from their goals. With global sharing of science and technology, even dangerous information gets shared worldwide, which can be used against humanity and mankind by many international terrorists. World politics also stands to affect from global networks in such a way that it can favor the powerful as well as the fanatics to know the weakness of the politics of another country. Hence, this weakness can be made use of and these countries can be exploited to the extent that it causes internal disturbances as well as increases international dependence.

I would like to sum up by saying that no field is left unaffected by global networks. However, it is not always to the benefit of a particular field to have international access and connections. As there are benefits, there are also disadvantages that come with global networks.