GRE Issue Essay 185

“Some educational systems emphasize the development of students’ capacity for reasoning and logical thinking, but students would benefit more from an education that also taught them to explore their own emotions.”

Education seeks to make a child well adjusted in society and help him to lead a satisfying and successful life. It not only aims at the cognitive development, but physical, moral, ethical and social development as well. While it is important that the child develops reasoning abilities, it is also important that he is able to understand his emotions as well as control them when required. I completely agree that education must develop reasoning and logical thinking along with teaching the students to explore their own emotions.

Education has a very important role to play in a child’s life. It prepares the child to face the world and shape up his future. It is in school that students learn the most important lessons of their lives. It not only sharpens their skills but also makes them civilized human beings. Therefore, the role of education is significant in shaping up an all around personality.

Since a person is met with problems and difficulties at every step in life and career, it is very important to have the ability of reasoning out the solutions. In order to be successful, a student must therefore learn to think logically and come to the most logical solution. For example, it is very important for a businessman to tackle tricky situations with logic and reasoning. He has to make an estimate of his resources before expanding his business. Similarly, he must understand the demand and supply of his products, or the ratio of input and its output. Moreover, if he is faced with any unexpected problems, he must be able to come out of it by thoughtfully coming to a conclusion. This ability of thinking and reasoning is taught through education.

On the other hand, it can be understood that doing a task is as important as being able to endure the emotional requirements of the task. While logic and reasoning help in making decisions and doing any task to the best of ones capacity, the exploration of ones emotions is the driving force, which makes a person believe in the task. As mentioned by the writer in the statement, education must also teach students to explore their emotions. If the students are able to understand their emotions, they can guide themselves to a better decision. For example, a student may be extremely intelligent due to which he could be encouraged to become a doctor. However, if he is unable to see the sufferings of others, or does not have the heart of facing a mutilated body, he will never be able to succeed in his profession. Therefore, along with knowing the mental capacity of a student it is important for him to understand his emotional strength as well.

I would like to add here that along with teaching the students to explore their emotions, students must also be taught to control hypersensitive emotions. An emotionally weak person has no place in this competitive world. A student should therefore not only be able to identify his emotional weakness but also should be taught to come out of it. As discussed above, to some extent, it is the emotions of a person that make him decide a number of things in his life, however, one should not be a slave of his emotions as well.

In the end I would like to reaffirm my stand that education should encourage all around development of a student. Therefore, along with teaching the students the ability to think and reason logically, education should also seek to make them understand as well as control their emotions.