GRE Issue Essay 182

“The purpose of many advertisements is to make consumers want to buy a product so that they will ‘be like’ the person in the ad. This practice is effective because it not only sells products but also helps people feel better about themselves.”

Advertising is a very important part of marketing a product. It aims at reaching out to the consumers and telling them the benefits of the product. Therefore, all efforts are made to make these advertisements attractive for the consumers. That is why these advertisements generally feature personalities that are liked by people so that they create the best effect. I agree that advertisement encourages the consumers to buy a certain product because they want to follow their icon and be like them. It surely is a good sales technique and does make many people feel better about themselves. However, people should not be carried away by these advertisements and should make a careful choice of the products so that they do not get disillusioned in the end.

With the introduction of a number of brands of a particular product, there is cutthroat competition in the market today. Each brand wants to attract more and more customers. This is where advertising plays a very important part. When people see their favorite personality, promoting a product, they believe that these celebrities use the product in their personal lives as well. These celebrities become their role models and people want to emulate everything they do in their lives. Therefore, they get attracted towards the product that features famous models and celebrities in its advertisements.

While some people feel that they can be like the person in the advertisement, others feel that the product promoted by these models is of the best quality and makes a style statement. For example, people would like to use the cream used by Julia Roberts thinking that this could be the reason behind her beauty. Similarly, if Brad Pitt models for the advertisement of a watch, people would like to buy it even if it is extremely expensive. They make a world of illusions around themselves and this gives them a sense of satisfaction, which makes them feel good. However, it must be realized that what is shown in these advertisements is not the truth. If this is not realized, it might lead to frustration and disillusionment of people.

The models and celebrities featuring in advertisements are generally famous because of their beauty and fitness. However, it must be realized that these models are paid to feature in ads and it does not necessarily mean that they use these products. The purpose of choosing famous people is only to attract more and more customers to buy a particular product, which may be only slightly different from a similar product. Therefore, the expectations from the products should not be taken too far. Although the models also have a responsibility and they only feature in the ads of a good quality product, people should not believe that the product could have magical effects. There are many people who think that a fairness cream promoted by a film personality can work wonders and other products are useless. However, in reality when the desired results are not achieved, it can cause disillusionment in some cases as well.

Therefore, after some time people need to come out of their dream world and be realistic to understand that while some products can make some differences, drastic changes should not be expected. In the end I would maintain that a product’s sale gets affected if it features a famous personality in its ads, as people want to imitate their idols. This can bring some satisfaction to them; however, it should not be taken too far to lead to frustration and disappointment.