GRE Issue Essay 174

“Governments should provide funding for artists so that the arts can flourish and be available to all people.”

Art of a society represents its culture and traditions. It expresses the ideas, feelings and values of a society. It can rightly be said that the richness of a society is determined by its art and culture. Therefore, it becomes important to preserve it as well as progress it further. It is not the responsibility of one individual or an organization alone but it should be done with a joint effort of the whole society together. I agree with the topic that the government should provide enough funds to help the artists and to promote art. However, I would like to add that people and other private organizations should also do their bit in conserving and progressing art.

An artist, weather a painter, a sculptor, a dancer or a musician has unique talent. However, in order to create an artistic creation, any artist requires funds. A painter would require a workshop and enough money to create his paintings. Further, he would require more funds to arrange for exhibitions in order to display his paintings. Similarly, in order to promote music, there need to be concerts and shows where the musicians get an opportunity to exhibit their skills. The promotion of any art needs such platforms where artists get recognition and acclaim. It is only when such events are first conducted on a small scale that such arts can get a larger platform. This not only promotes the art and culture but also encourages the artists to keep continuing their work and improve their talent. While it is the government that must help in promoting these events, such events should also be promoted by the various art and culture organizations.

There is immense budding talent in every nation, which only needs a little encouragement and some form of resource. No art or artist can progress in isolation. While these artists can come up with their efforts, there comes a point beyond which they are not able to reach due to monetary restrictions. Here is where the government should step in and remove these restrictions so that art can flourish to the utmost level. It is the government’s responsibility to encourage these artists by giving them avenues to improve their talent. The government can allocate funds for concerts, arrange exhibitions, form organizations that work to promote art, promote the art and culture internationally, establish art galleries in maximum locations etc.

However, it is not only the government that must be responsible for the promotion of art, but it should be promoted by the private sector as well. Government is an administrative body responsible for the working of the whole nation. It needs to generate funds for many works like building infrastructure, encouraging trade and public sector, developing technical know-how, uplifting the poor, education of all and creating jobs for unemployed etc. Therefore, the government has to judiciously allocate funds for its entire works. Moreover, there is great potential in private art organizations to generate funds for this work. A lot of money can be arranged by selling tickets of concerts and shows of great artists for which government’s help is not required. Hence, there should be an equal effort from people attached to art and culture to promote it as much as they can.

In the end I would like to maintain that it is the art and culture of a nation that make its heritage rich and vibrant. It takes the joint effort of the government and other organizations to promote its art. Only such efforts can fully develop art to the extent that the nation is proud of its culture and heritage.