GRE Issue Essay 172

“In any realm of life-whether academic, social, business, or political-the only way to succeed is to take a practical, rather than an idealistic, point of view. Pragmatic behavior guarantees survival, whereas idealistic views tend to be superceded by simpler, more immediate options.”

The given statement asserts that being practical guarantees survival as against being idealistic. In any field – be it academic, social, business or political – it is the pragmatic behavior which helps in the survival of a person, but an idealistic view is overcome by other simpler options. I agree with the argument that practicality is the key to a successful life. However, I also believe that idealistic approach is the driving force behind many actions. It is the idealistic view that encourages people to keep good morals and high values in life and thus it should not be discarded completely.

It is only actions that generate results. If there are no efforts towards a goal, we cannot expect a tremendous outcome of the same. Let us take the example of academics where it is only the efforts by students towards studying that pays off in the end. It is only if the students follow a pragmatic approach that they will believe in studying hard for their exams. There is a great amount of competition in the field of education where every student has to prove his worth. In order to do better than the rest, a student must study hard and perform in his exams. It is only if he adopts a practical approach that he will work towards learning and improving his knowledge. Ultimately, in the race of emerging at the top, it is the one who displays greater knowledge and learning that wins. It has been seen that the learned and scientists, like Newton and Einstein, have been able to invent new things only out of their practical efforts in their particular fields.

Similarly, in the political field it has been seen that the government which promises big changes and development but never fulfills sees its own downfall. On the other hand, if the administration is practical and works upon its words to improve the infrastructure and makes efforts towards development, it has greater chances of public approval, which ensure its survival.

According to the statement, an idealistic view is generally superceded by simpler, more immediate options. However, I believe that every action of a person must be guided by ideals. While it is the practical efforts that give shape to achievement, it is the ideals behind the efforts that give a positive direction to these efforts. It is not important to achieve and be successful by hook or crook. What is more important is to choose the right path and follow it in order to ensure a purely deserving achievement. Anything ill gotten is better not achieved in the first place. If a student tries to find his way to the top by unfair means like cheating, he will only fool himself in the long run. It is only a short-lived success that he will get by ignoring morals and ideals and will soon stumble due to his exclusively practical efforts.

Idealistic view helps in keeping positive and provides encouragement to accomplish the task. While practicality is important to consummate any task well, having good ideals makes it well accomplished and deservingly achieved. Therefore, I partially agree with the argument where it says that pragmatic behavior guarantees survival, however, at the same time I refuse to believe that idealistic views have no contribution in this survival. While survival is important, it must be of a high quality that is ensured by an idealistic approach to life.