GRE Issue Essay 170

“It is unfortunate but true that political decisions and activities affect all aspects of people’s lives.”

Politics basically entails governing a system such as a society or nation. The political set up of a nation is responsible for controlling both its internal and external affairs. As a nation or society is made up of people, it is obvious that political decisions and activities affect people’s lives in a major way. However, this influence of politics on the lives of people may be fortunate or unfortunate depending on the course of action that is taken by the political leadership of a society. Therefore, it is not necessary that this influence would always be unfortunate as there are numerous instances in which this influence has had a positive effect on the lives of people.

A dictatorship or a monarchy, where the people have no control over the political leadership of the country, may be one of those societies in which the political activities may have an unfortunate effect on the lives of people. There may be widespread discontent amongst people due to the political activities taking place in their country and this would be an unfortunate scenario wherein the people will not be able to escape from the effect these activities are having on their lives. Political decisions like waging a war against another country or imposing unfair restrictions will adversely affect the lives of the people. A war will shoot up the prices of essential commodities, the economy will slow down, numerous citizens will be killed and the administration of the country will come to a standstill. Despite these effects, we constantly hear about countries wherein the decisions taken by the political leadership has resulted in a country being at war with another country. The worst scenario is wherein a country is torn by internal wars which have been waging for numerous years. The people are suffering because of the decisions taken by their political leadership.

On the other hand, there are various positive effects of political decisions, especially in the case of political leadership which has been voted into power by the people themselves. The political leadership is always trying to win the confidence of the common people by providing them with the best of amenities so as to stay in power for as long a time as possible. On the other hand, the opposition parties try their best to please the people so that they are able to topple the ruling party in the next round of elections. The lives of people are always affected in a positive manner by these decisions. The political decisions may be related to various other aspects like administration of the country, implementing new laws, levying taxes, foreign trade etc. All these decisions will affect the lives of people in a major way as they are the ones who will be directly affected either personally or professionally by these decisions.

There have been numerous incidents when innocent people have been held hostages by anti-social elements or terrorists. The government has to take the decision to either accede to the demands of the terrorists or let the hostages be killed. Irrespective of the decision taken by the leadership, the lives of the people will definitely be affected. The demands of the terrorists may be the release of their brethren who are languishing in jails or their demand may be a safe passage for them out of the country. In both the cases, the lives of the people will be affected as dreaded terrorists would be let loose and they might make a deadly strike again in the future. On the other hand, if the demands are not met, then it would amount to affecting the lives of the bereaved families of the hostages. Therefore, it is evident that any form of political decision will affect the lives of the people in some way or the other.

In sum, it is evident that political decisions do affect people in a major way, but it is not necessary that the effect will always be unfortunate. There would be many instances when the political decisions will result in the betterment of the people as a whole.