GRE Issue Essay 160

“In any field of inquiry, the beginner is more likely than the expert to make important discoveries.”

A person who is constantly working to achieve his aim in life and in the end does achieve it is an expert. An expert is an expert because he knows all the aspects related to his field and he knows the answers to all the related questions. The experience an expert has gone through to reach his aim can never be felt by a beginner and most of the times what procedure a beginner goes through an expert has already gone through. Therefore, I do not agree that in any field of inquiry, the beginner is more likely than the expert to make important discoveries. It can be by chance that beginners discover something but otherwise an expert is an expert because he has already gone through all the stages of learning.

We see so many scientific creations around us. There is so much of hard work that has gone into making the perfect creations. There must be so many failures before the actual creation was made. If there were many failures they do not make an expert less trained but he is learning from his experiences. His experiences provide a yardstick for the newcomers in the same field. A new chef can make a dish nicely the very first time but making the same dish again and again with the same flavor is an expert’s work. Similarly, Newton did not become an expert in his field after discovering that apple fell from the tree because of some force but when he researched and studied on it then only was he able to prove that the force is gravity. A newcomer can make a film and that can be appreciated by every one but mastering the techniques of good film making is not that easy, one has to put in real hard work to master it. There are film directors who are one film wonders and there are those directors who keep making good films after good films. “Always listen to experts. They’ll tell you what can’t be done and why. Then do it.” Robert Heinlein has described in these lines the true meaning of an expert.

Although there is no comparison between experts and beginners but still there are beginners who have created history. Madam Curie is one such example who discovered radium. Radium is used till date and Madam Curie won Nobel Prize for this discovery of hers. A beginner has many ideas and his area of thinking is vast as compared to an expert’s restricted vision.

All the important discoveries are made by experts and there contribution in the history can not be denied. In any field of enquiry we need to trust our experts as they have put in so many years of research into it. There has been so much practice gone by an expert into discovering something and such practices make a perfectionist.