GRE Issue Essay 159

“Young people should be encouraged to pursue long-term, realistic goals rather than seek immediate fame and recognition.”

We all aim to achieve great heights in our professional front. Nothing comes easy in this world. We all have to strive hard to achieve our aim in life. It is very well said that timely hard work leads to sweet fruit of success. All those who work hard in their lives taste the sweet fruit of success. The present generation is forgetting the true meaning of success. The younger generation is aiming at getting overnight success in their careers. In the present scenario nobody wants to work hard for success but they want success on the very first step of their careers. I believe that the younger generation should be shown the true path of hard work and success as that would lead to their true success. They should be encouraged to get their final goal in life rather than running after momentarily success.

We all fight in our lives to prove ourselves in the rat race of earning our livelihood. We all are in a hurry to prove ourselves in our respective fields. In this run the true essence of success is getting lost. The present generation is running after only fame and recognition. This is resulting in adoption of wrong means to do work to obtain success. The need for success is making people blind and they are instigated to adopt all the wrong means to fulfill their aim. We have numerous examples of people from our past generation who struggled in their lives and came out shining bright in their respective fields. There is no denying that sheer hard work surely pays. There is a very famous saying that slow and steady wins the race. It is correct in context to all fields of life. When in life we are deliberate in making our decisions then the outcome is remarkable as the decision was well thought over. Therefore, the chances of doing something wrong are minimized to a great extend. The various technological developments which are the result of many years of research and hard work have made our day to day life easy and simple. The scientists have put in so much effort and hard work in inventing all such innovations. Therefore hard work has always resulted in remarkable achievements.

Although the outcome of hard work is always credible but people who get instant fame and recognition in life are hardworking too. It is the creativity of those persons that has shown them the doors of success in life. In spite of the fact that few people are successful early in their life it certainly does not mean that the way to success is always short. Those who strive hard always get blessed with success in life. Therefore, younger generation should be encouraged to achieve their long term goals rather than running after short term success. Short term success is short lived and long term goals yield true success in life.