GRE Issue Essay 158

“Government funding of the arts threatens the integrity of the arts.”

Since time immemorial art has been an integral part of our society. The varied creativity of people results in distinctive forms of art. There are various forms of arts prevalent around the world. Different nations have different forms of arts and arts depict the culture of a nation. The various forms of art act as a mirror of the country’s values and beliefs. Art is not dependent upon any other source for its existence. The only thing that an artist ever wishes for is his admirers who are the true source for his inspiration. In the present scenario government has taken due interest in protecting various forms of arts of a country. I believe that an artist does not need any sort of monetary support and hence an artist is capable of protecting his form of art. Therefore, government’s intervention by funding arts is unnecessary and it would certainly harm the integrity of any art form.

An artist only seeks admiration from public and the various forms of art came into existence without any monetary support but out of creativity. An artist’s creativity does not depend upon any sort of funding and an artist can not be forced to create any form of art because that art form is funded by government. A dancer does not need funds to support his dance rather he needs admirers and followers who would take his legacy to another level. Similarly, a sculptor is not dependent upon government’s funds for his sculptures rather he would need students who would keep alive his art form. There are numerous examples from history which depict that the various art forms came into existence without any sort of funding. These art forms are till date followed by people. The great painter artist Leonardo de Vinci was not funded by any government for his art form but his admirers were the true source of his popularity. Art has been prevalent in our history without the support of funding from government.

Although art has always been there since the time humans have been there in this world. There are numerous art forms that are in existence without the support of the government. The government intervention in protecting certain art forms because those art forms were on the verge of extinction is credible. In such fields the role of government has shown remarkable success. The support from government has only helped in saving an art form and also it has aided artists to keep their art form alive. The various small scale industries are supported by government and pottery is one of them. The artisans are now provided funds by government to save their art form.

Various art forms have been in existence on their own and without the support of the government. It is not important that art needs funding for its existence but when any form of art needs funds the support from government can always be asked for. The government should adopt measures to fund arts when it is needed. The government should also take steps to encourage young aspiring artists.