GRE Issue Essay 156

“Government should preserve publicly owned wilderness areas in their natural state, even though these areas are often extremely remote and thus accessible to only a few people.”

Every nation is proud of its culture and heritage. The government of a country takes various measures to protect its heritage. There are numerous historical places and monuments that a country owns and if such places are not taken care of then eventually with the passage of time they would get damaged. Therefore endeavors are made on the part of government to maintain such areas with outmost care so that they do not get damaged with the passage of time. I believe that the government should make efforts to preserve public owned wilderness as much as possible in their natural state but from time to time maintenance would help in saving such places. The government should also make efforts to make such places more accessible to the general public because if such places are visited often then the government authorities would be more prompt to take care of them.

All countries around the world have beautiful and great historical places and along with that certain places which are not in a maintained state. Therefore it becomes the prime responsibility of a country to maintain that property for the sake of their nation with utmost care. If such areas are left to the mercy of their own then with time they would be automatically destroyed. The government should take measures to maintain such areas and also periodic care must be ensured. Even the wonders of the world which are the heritage of the whole world are maintained from time to time and are not left untouched. Anything if left unattended and ill-maintained would definitely turn into a pile of concrete. If such places around the world are made accessible to public then the tourism of that particular country would also increase. It would get more tourists and hence more revenue for the government. In this way not only would the country’s heritage be safe but it would be taken care of also.

In spite of the fact that a government should take necessary measures to protect its heritage but the maintenance should not be at the cost of altering the priced heritage. If too much maintenance is done then the originality of the place would be lost. There fore the endeavors on the part of the government should be such that the maintenance work should only be limited to protecting the heritage and not tampering with it. Excess of anything is not good so it should be taken care of but not amended. The government should also see to the fact that if such a place is not in accessible by common people then it should be made accessible but the natural charm of the place should not be hampered. The peace of the place and the harmony of nature should be in sync with each other.

Therefore such places should be taken care by the government and maximum effort on the part of the government should be to preserve the originality taking into consideration the maintenance of that place.