GRE Issue Essay 155

“Government should never censor the artistic works or historical displays that a museum wishes to exhibit.”

People of a nation are given some fundamental rights which are necessary for their survival. It becomes the prime responsibility of the citizens of any nation to exercise their rights and duties with utmost care. People in a country are free to say, write and do as they please but it should not be harming the interest of any other individual. The same applies for a museum that wishes to exhibit the artistic work or historical displays. In such matters government plays a vital role as government has the right to censor any objectionable or obscene display of any form of art in museums. I believe that the government should censor all artistic works or historical displays that need to be displayed to general public. The government is not only responsible for securing the rights of its citizens but also for what it needs to present to the citizens as it can also violate law.

A country’s government, which has vast cultural differences, needs to be very discreet in its public display of any kinds. Museums are the places which all sections and strata of people visit for recreation. The displays made there should be carefully selected as they should not harm the sentiments of any section of the society. A government not only protects the interest of people but also prosecutes those who harm the interest of the others. The government has to take active part in all the matters concerning the interest of general public. If any artist wishes to present his thought through his paintings but his paintings harm the interest of a section of a society then such a display can not be permitted by government. Similarly if any historical display which a museum needs to display is extremely precious then it becomes the vital responsibility of the government to save such a possession.

Although the government should be concerned about what is been displayed in the museums but the government should not have a very strict approach towards such displays. In country where there are vast cultural difference if the government officers favor a particular community then they would consider their interest with priority but this certainly does not mean that they would not take into consideration the interest of other communities. Government should be consulted for the decision but the artist should also be able to make his point clear on his displays. The endeavors should be made on the part of government to keep some qualified people in the museum who can help people understand the display better without any misinterpretation or confusion.

Therefore the role of the government should be vital. The government should also take into consideration the interest of the artist who wishes to display his creation for public or any historical display by any organization. The interest of the general public should also be taken into notice by the government while making any such decisions.