GRE Issue Essay 154

“Patriotic reverence for the history of a nation often does more to impede than to encourage progress.”

History of a country is a mirror of its developmental process. It’s the history of a country that is the true heritage and the nation’s recognition in the world front. People around the world know us because of the rich heritage our nation has. The role of patriotic leaders in a country’s history is indispensable as they are the ones who made history with their bravery and courage. Patriotism has always influenced people of any nation as the patriots are considered the true heroes of all times. In all fronts of life we are given the examples of our patriots about how they fought and did tremendous work for their nation by staking their lives. I believe patriotic respect for the history of a nation has always been aspiring the youth of the country to perform better. Patriotic leaders have been the ideals of the younger generation and they aspire to do what their mentors have dreamed of doing for their country. Therefore patriotic regard have always been helpful in regard to the nation’s progress and it has been inspiring youth to do better.

History is the backbone of any nation and history reflects a nation’s true picture to other nations. The great patriotic leader, French general Napoleon Bonaparte was a true hero of his nation and till date holds a distinctive place in the history of France. Napoleon was not only a great patriot but he also made remarkable place for himself in the French history. His innumerable deeds of courage have been inspiring people of all ages and not only is he a part of French history but also of the histories of other nations. Napoleon was a great man and he has been inspiring people around the globe to achieve laurels for their country. Similar achievements have been made by Mohandas Gandhi in India. He made his country free from East India Company and for that he had to undergo many hardships. All those hardships paid and till the date people in India swear by his name. Gandhi not only made for himself a place in history but also inspired a huge number of people to adopt non-violence. It would not be possible to talk about Indian history without referring to Gandhi. There have been numerous patriots around the world who made history with their bravery and not only are the people of that country inspired but also are the people around the world. If these patriots would not have done so much for their nations then it would not have been possible of those nations to reach such heights of development. Patriots are the guiding force for the development of a nation.

Although the place of patriots in the history of any nation is indispensable but still too much patriotism would also not be in favor of a country as people would only be interested in patriotism and would not do justice to their work. The deeds of patriots in our history should only inspire us to do better in our respective fields and not make people fanatics.