GRE Issue Essay 153

“All students should be required to take courses in the sciences, even if they have no interest in science.”

A human is a student all his life from the time he is born until his death. The process of learning is an ongoing process and it never ends. Whatever knowledge a human acquires is beneficial to him. A school is a temple for a student who aspires to gain knowledge there. A student in a school is taught different subjects related to different fields of life. All these subjects play a very important role in a student’s life. There are various mandatory subjects that a student is required to learn till his matriculation and this is to make him well versed with the world outside. This initial education about all the subjects is sufficient for the student to give him an idea about all the subjects. After matriculation it’s up to the student to take further education in whichever subject he wants. A student opting for a language course in English certainly can not be forced to take up a course in science as it is not of his interest. A student after a certain age is free to learn what he wants to and can not be forced to learn what we want him to learn. Therefore I believe it is an individual preference of a student to take up whatever course he aspires to take up in his educational front.

All subjects taught to students in school are very important in life and they help the students to learn and become more prepared in life. It certainly does not mean that science is very important and it should be made mandatory even if a student has no interest in taking up that course. If a course in science is made mandatory in schools it would give a wrong impression to the students who are otherwise not opting for such courses. It would certainly shake their ego as the subject of their interest is placed second to science. If a student has an eye for an art and he is forced to take up a course in science it would not only affect his interest in his subject but he would also not be able to do justice to the science course. Taking up a mandatory science course would not guarantee a student of a better career option. If a student is going to pursue a course in arts later then taking up a science course would be of no help.

The importance of science as a subject can not be overlooked and our life is based on science only. Science is applicable in all fields of life and students are taught science as a mandatory subject in schools. Science certainly can not be made as a forced subject as it would lose its impact upon students. Those students who wish to study science with an interest would now consider it as an obligation. Therefore to keep the charm of science alive in students it should not be made mandatory, rather it should be left on the student’s discretion as to which subject he wants to pursue in higher education.