GRE Issue Essay 152

People of a country represent the worth of the nation. Different nations across the world have different policies for running their government. Where in some nations democracy is prevalent on the other hand there are nations where autocracy is still in existence. No matter which form of government is prevalent in a country, the interest of the people of that country can not be overlooked. The will of the people in a democracy is very importance and I believe they have all the right also to take part in all the decisions which would affect their interest as they are eventually going to be affected by it. Therefore the major policy decisions of a country can not be left to the politicians or government experts. The say of the members of the general public should have equal weight age in this case.

Political leaders are public representatives and they are given the authority and responsibility on the part of the public to take decisions. A political leader can take a decision to construct a flyover bridge for a place in a city to solve the problem of merging traffic in a particular area. The construction of the flyover would not only result in large expenditure but it can also leave some people homeless or jobless in the area where buildings have to be demolished for building the flyover. It could be quite possible that the city must be in more need of a school rather than a flyover and moreover the problem of merging traffic can also be solved by diverting certain traffic from that area. These issues can only be brought to the notice of the political or government authorities through representatives of general public. These members would not only convey the public viewpoint they would also they would be able to convince public in regard to the decision made by the government. They would prove to be an effective link between public and government and would be able to remove major conflicts or misunderstandings from both the fronts.

There is no doubt about the advantages of having members representing general public as it is in the favor of both, the public and government. There are certain matters at times which can not be discussed with public in open as it could lead to panic. Such situations arise during wars or in emergencies During such times we as citizens should have full faith in the decisions of our political and government officers as they have been elected by us and are our true well-wishers. They are the ones who have the responsibility to run our country and we have to help them in doing so and not prove to be a hindrance in their way. However, it should also be the responsibility on the part of the government and political leaders to involve the general public in making decisions related to them whenever it is possible and required.

It is difficult for both the government and the public to work and perform solely. They are different sides of the same coin and hence inseparable. They are incomplete without each other therefore they should work in harmony.