GRE Issue Essay 151

“Schools should be required to teach the essential interconnectedness of all human beings and thus help eliminate wars, cultural clashes, and other forms of conflict.”

A school is an institution where the young budding minds of a country are trained by imparting education so that they can become capable to make the future of that nation brighter. Although the basic aim of all schools has been to make better human beings still we have seen cultural differences, wars and all other forms of human differences. It may lead us to believe that our education system must be flawed somewhere as it is not able to achieve its aim of interconnecting all humans. We have been taught basic principles of humanity in our schools but still when we all grow up we all forget what we learned in our school. I believe that even if more stress would be made in schools to teach students about interconnectedness in all human beings, it still would not solve the problem of ongoing conflicts which have always been there amongst humans.

We are taught good things in life but the bad we notices our own. Even though we as young students are imbibed with the goodness in life, some of that goodness becomes devilish. Here we have not discussed the circumstances under which the humans are instigated to go against human values. There are so many cultural clashes, so many wars that have happened and are still going on in some parts of the world. This certainly does not mean that all those people who are part of these clashes and wars were never taught the basic principles of humanity but due to some unavoidable circumstances they are forced to do all such inhumanly acts. The very famous incident of 9/11 which shook the whole world is one such example. The people involved certainly had human values. The people behind such an attack were from a community that lays emphasis on being kind and nice to all fellow humans. The people who can sake their religious principles for the feeling of revenge can certainly forget what they were taught about humanity in school.

The students in schools are taught all values related to humanity so that they can practice them in their lives. The duty of a teacher is to teach a student but what the student does of the education imparted to him is entirely upon the student. A student from the same class can become a renowned scientist while the other can end up becoming a terrorist. This certainly does not mean that the efforts on the part of the school should stop to make better citizens out of young children. The endeavor to teach students about humanity certainly helps as at least their brains are integrated towards the right direction. Therefore, schools should adopt various measures to teach students the interconnectedness of all human beings with a hope that wars and cultural clashes would be eliminated but certainly, it would not secure the wars and such clashes.