GRE Issue Essay 143

“In any profession-business, politics, education, government-those in power should step down after five years. The surest path to success for any enterprise is revitalization through new leadership.”

Does a leader lose his charisma and competence after five years? The answer to this question is debatable. People in power may be competent enough to handle their responsibilities, but it would be a grave mistake not to give a chance to the others. It is likely that there may be someone else who is able to handle the same responsibilities in a better manner. Moreover, since the modern world now elects its leaders in almost all professions, it would be a wise decision to change the leadership regularly. It may not necessarily be after every five years. The duration may be further reduced or increased, but a change is inevitable for success in any enterprise.

There have been monarchs who have successfully ruled their countries for decades. On the other hand, there are examples of rulers who were overthrown in a coup because the public found that they were not worthy of the position of power held by them. If monarchy was indeed so successful, then why is it that democracy has replaced monarchy in most countries across the world? This is because there is the requirement of a change in leadership at regular intervals. This change of leadership serves two purposes. Firstly, the person in power is aware of the repercussions of carelessly handling his responsibilities. He knows that he can be removed from his post even before his tenure is over, so he puts in his best for doing what is expected of him. Secondly, this process ensures that new talent is given a chance to come and prove their competence in carrying out the tasks assigned to them. There is always the possibility of someone remaining in power for the next term also if the organization fails to identify a suitable replacement for him. Therefore, a change in leadership is bound to bring in long-term benefits for the enterprise in addition to success in all its ventures.

It is an exhilarating feeling to have the power to make people dance to your whims and fancies. It is this feeling that is the reason behind the prevalent corruption amongst the people in power. We have heard of so many instances wherein the people in power have misused their official position for personal gains. Stories of embezzlement of accounts, fraud, bribery and nepotism have generally been found in the front pages of our national dailies. These are all related to the misuse of power by the people who have been placed in this position for the betterment of the organization that they work for. A change in leadership ensures that such people will eventually be removed after their tenure is over and the new person thus appointed may be much more honest and cooperative, thereby improving the working conditions in the organization.

There are numerous students who earn professional degrees every year. As technology keeps changing at short intervals, it would be a wise decision to try out new talent as they would be trained to keep instep with the latest developments. If the head of the computer department of a high school is a teacher who had graduated 10 years ago, wouldn’t it be a better option to replace him with a teacher who has recently graduated and who is aware of the latest technological developments in the world of computer science. The school and the students will benefit from the knowledge of the new teacher who can give an entirely new dimension to the computer education being imparted in the school.

In sum, it becomes necessary to change the leadership at regular intervals in order to ensure that the best available talent in the market is tapped for leading an organization on the path to success.