GRE Issue Essay 140

“Colleges should require students to engage in public-service activities in order to assure that each student receives a balanced, well-rounded education.”

Education is not just imparting academic knowledge amongst students. It is the development of all around personality of a student in order to make him eligible to adjust and succeed in the society. That is why along with cognitive development, education should seek physical, cultural, moral and social development of the child. I agree with the statement that engaging students in public-service activities helps in their all around development. I would like to add that this should be an extension to curriculum followed in schools for children’s social development. Moreover, along with engaging students in public-service activities, it is important to inculcate values like helpfulness, social responsibility and respect towards every work, even if it is small, so that they do not view any task as a menial job, and have the willingness to continue doing it in their later lives.

Each individual is a member of the society. Therefore, it is important that students are educated about their role in the society. Every citizen of the society has a social responsibility. They need to realize their responsibility at the right time so that they perform their duties well. College is the pinnacle of students’ education. It is here that they are finally prepared to face the world and be at their own. Hence, the curriculum of colleges should not only include the academic part, but must also concentrate on social education. If the students are made to do works like cleaning a public park, extending help to patients like donating blood and helping poor to get food, medicines etc., it will develop a feeling of compassion amongst them for the needy and also make them realize their role as a responsible citizen.

It is often seen that the young misuse public utilities like water. Many times public taps are kept running and leaking. No one makes an effort to close these taps and save water. It is only when the students are made to do public services that they realize the importance of such things. Therefore, if colleges step-in and encourage the students to avoid wasting water, and provide clean drinking water to the needy, it will help in building up good values and guidelines for them. This will encourage them to follow these guidelines throughout their lives.

As I have mentioned earlier, it is not only the colleges that should keep in mind the all around development of a student, but the schools should also ensure that they form the basis for the same. Therefore, the curriculum in a school should also include social education where students should be taught the benefits of maintaining good social behavior. It is only when our educational institutions help in inculcating such habits that we can have a healthy society of balanced individuals. Such a step from the colleges and schools encourages the students to take up the cause of social work and eradicate evils from the society.

It is true that each individual cannot become a social worker, or is not able to join a social service institute, but we can do our little bit by following the path taught in colleges. Respecting the importance of public property and engaging in a little social work makes a person more conscientious and dutiful towards the society. These values surely go a long way in developing a balanced and all around personality of a person.