GRE Issue Essay 139

“As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate.”

It is human nature to look for shortcuts. When we have an easier way of doing something, we do not take the longer path in order to avoid trouble. As the world is advancing, it is making our lives easier. Many problems faced in the olden times which required a lot of physical as well as mental effort are now only a matter of a few clicks. Since technology has entered every home, office and school, there is an increased tendency to depend on it to get our jobs done. I agree with the fact that human dependence on technology has increased. This points at the suggestion made in the statement that the ability of humans to think for themselves will deteriorate in time. However, if this is realized at the correct time, such a situation can be avoided. Moreover, this may not be the case with every individual. The advancement of technology itself is a wonder of the human mind. It is only when great thinkers and learned people think on an individual level that development becomes possible.

Due to the advancement of technology we have now forgotten the pains taken to accomplish a task as was done before any development in that particular field was made. It is only when we are faced with problems that we make efforts to find a solution to it. We can find examples of this in history where it was only when people faced the problem of traveling long distances on foot and carrying heavy loads that made them think of a solution. This resulted in the invention of the wheel that made their work easier and less burdening. On the other hand, when there is no problem faced by us, we don’t find the need to look for solutions and advancements.

The power of a human brain is unfathomable. However, it is important to keep the brain working by performing mental exercises. There were times when people relied on their mental abilities to perform calculations. This kept them mentally active and alert. However, as calculators came into existence, people started performing even simple calculations on the calculator. This is the reason why we are not able to solve a mathematical problem orally while our fathers, who did not use calculators, are still quick to solve the same. This indicates that we started depending upon calculators for every calculation, which made our brains dull and irresponsive to mental calculations. As the computer came into the world, it reduced our mental work even further.

If a machine were not used for a long time it would start creaking and eventually stop working. Our brain, like any machinery, needs to be exercised in order to keep it working. Therefore, it is on us to exercise our thinking abilities and keep ourselves active. If we depend too much upon technology and avoid mental exercise, it would definitely deteriorate our thinking abilities. Therefore, along with taking the benefits of technology, we should develop a habit of thinking and solving problems at our own. Students should be encouraged to develop a problem-solving attitude by giving them tasks related to finding solutions. Similarly, we must calculate our monthly budget without any help. Instead of turning to the interiors of our homes and offices in the hot weather, we should think about the possible solutions to reduce global warming. Likewise, it is only when we give a personal thought on how to save fuel that practical solutions like sharing vehicles to schools and offices can be sought.

As I have discussed earlier, technology is a creation of the human mind. This development is possible only because of the advancement of human thinking abilities. However, we must make it a point that we do not become a slave to the advancement of technology and retain our thinking abilities, which would keep the development going.