GRE Issue Essay 137

“To truly understand your own culture-no matter how you define it-requires personal knowledge of at least one other culture, one that is distinctly different from your own.”

Success is the achievement of goals that a person sets for himself and strives to fulfill. Success makes a person become rich, famous or achieve a high social position. Therefore, it brings a certain amount of power in the hands of successful since they become recognized and are placed at a position above the rest. However, how is this power used? Some people are satisfied after they reach a certain position, while for some the newfound success could be used to expand the already existing empire by making money and achieving further goals. On the other hand, it could also be used for the betterment of society, uplifting the downtrodden and assisting the needy. This, in my view, is the best use of success. However, not many successful people devote themselves to a cause. I agree with the statement that there are many people who achieve success, however, very few that make its appropriate and best use.

Success is generally a personal achievement. However, the formula of achieving success differs from person to person. While some people adopt the way of hard work and sincerity, there are others who practice deceit and shrewdness to reach to the top. Whatever path a person follows to achieve success, one question remains, what is the use of this success? Is it the end or is it used to achieve something higher and of more value? How can the best use of success be made?

Everyone strives to be successful and adopts different methods for the same, but very few can give a justified answer to this question. For most people, the best use of success is to further personal goals and interests. Once a person tastes success, its feeling makes him intoxicated and he wishes to gain more power and triumph. This eventually takes the form of a cycle that does not end. However, is this the most appropriate use of achieving power? In my view it is not. I believe that success is not just the result of personal efforts. It is a combination of efforts of a person and his destiny. While there are many who work hard to reach to the top, not all are as successful. This is because of the difference in circumstances, situations and luck. Therefore, those who are less privileged would not meet the same result as someone who is successful. This is the reason that a successful person should not become overconfident but remain humble.

The success and power of a person should not only be a means to achieve higher accomplishments but should also be used for the betterment for those who are less fortunate. I believe that there is a purpose behind success of a person since he is the chosen one by destiny. This purpose is to serve humanity and support the deprived. Success should be taken as an opportunity to help the destitute and make things easier for the ones who find it difficult to make their ends meet. There have been people who have set an example for others with their humanitarian works. For example, Mother Teresa had devoted her life to the concern of the poor, sick and orphaned. Similarly, Princess Dina was a famous public figure who supported many charity projects as well as causes like AIDS. While there are many big names that have used their position to work for humankind, many others are only concerned with personal gains. Many politicians use their position and power for their own interests. There are many youth icons who, instead of promoting high morals amongst youth, are involved in cases of terrorism, black-marketing and underworld. This is surely not the best way to bring success to play.

A successful person may not completely devote himself to social work. I maintain that there is no harm in aiming for a higher goal and achieving more heights. However, even partial effort made towards the betterment of society makes it worth. I surely am of the same opinion as mentioned in the statement that while people know how to achieve success, very few make the best use of the same.