GRE Issue Essay 134

“High-profile awards such as the Nobel Prize are actually damaging to society because they suggest that only a few people deserve such recognition.”

An awards is a prize or gift for a special contribution. Presenting an award is a way of honoring and recognizing noteworthy work done by people. High-profile awards like Nobel Prize are a representation of the topmost quality of work. I definitely do not agree with the statement that these awards are damaging to the society. They are not a way of showing discrimination towards people by suggesting that only few people deserve such recognition as is mentioned in the topic. On the other hand, they are an encouragement since it glorifies the good jobs done by people and brings them international acclaim.

Every good work needs to be encouraged. A child learns what is good and what is bad only because his good actions are appreciated and encouraged, whereas his bad actions are discouraged. Awards and prizes are given at every level, big or small. There are big awards like the Nobel Prizes and Olympic medals, prizes and awards are also basic to lower levels like schools and colleges. When a student attains the highest rank by scoring maximum marks, he is given an award by the school authorities to acknowledge his efforts and encourage him to continue the good work. Not only does this encourage him, but it also motivates other students to work hard and attain good score. It gives them an incentive to show that they are no less than anyone else in studies. The same is applicable to high-profile awards as well.

The very fact that awards like Nobel Prize are open to one and all proves that these awards consider all individuals equal. It is not the greatness of the personality of a person, but the greatness of his work that is recognized by such awards. These awards therefore offer equal opportunity to all to exhibit their potential in their fields and prove their excellence. What makes these awards high-profile is the quality and standard of achievement of the awardees than any other thing. Therefore, it gives them the credit of rising from the general public and working hard to achieve their position.

What makes the critics call these awards discriminatory is the fact that there is only one winner out of many people. It is true that all people are measured on the same yardstick for their achievement, but at the same time, the award is given only to the most deserving person out of all who have shown excellence in their work. However, I believe that the award becomes a symbol of extraordinary achievement and makes the winner a role model for others. Since it is bestowed on a few people, it helps in defining the standards of excellence, which can be and must be reached. Moreover, high-profile awards are not only to be celebrated by an individual who receives it, but it is a pride for the entire field, nation and world. When a person wins a prestigious award like Nobel Prize for his humanitarian work, it is not just a tribute to the person, but to the entire humanity. Similarly, a person winning a Nobel Prize for literature becomes a symbol of excellence and is the pride of the entire literary fraternity for his contributions. Those who have not been able to get the award should get encouraged and motivated by these achievements and bring the same excellence in their works.

To sum up, I would like to maintain that high-profile awards are not damaging to the society. On the other hand, they prove to be a positive force and a source of encouragement to others.