GRE Issue Essay 124

“Education will be truly effective only when it is specifically designed to meet the individual needs and interests of each student.”

Education imparts knowledge and plays an important role in the overall development of a child. It can be given individually or in groups, in different ways like verbally, through activities, books, computers, sports etc. In whichever way education is given, it aims at the betterment and growth of an individual.

Every individual is unique. Whether it is the social or cultural environment, likings or dislikes, strengths or weaknesses, skills or aptitudes, character or behavior, every child is different from the other. To handle these differences among young kids, there is a need to design an education system that intends to meet the requirements of students as individuals. This calls for a more flexible and versatile education system. Although, it would not be easy to design such a system where individual needs can be met, it would be a worthwhile effort.

In the present day, all the students are made to go through a regular curriculum and are assessed on fixed criteria, already set. There are some who cope up easily but a large number of students are not comfortable with the way different subjects are dealt with. Not only does every subject need a special methodology for teaching, but different students need different techniques to be taught. If some are good at listening, some may be better at retaining it, while some others may produce it better in writing or verbally. Whatever may be the mode of learning preferred, the idea of education is to gain knowledge and be able to apply it practically. A majority of students cannot do well in all aspects but are good at something or the other. To evaluate all by one set pattern, and grade their intellect accordingly is not fair.

A specifically designed education system can help students recognize their aptitude. There are fairer chances of students excelling in fields of their interest instead of wasting their time and potential in trying to excel in every field, which is practically too much to ask for. This will help students realize their potential at an early age and shall motivate them. Education designed with an individualistic approach will benefit the students more by training them in skills they have the aptitude for. Not only will it lessen their burden of performing well in every discipline, but also help them focus better. Since every child will be equipped with a deeper understanding of his discipline or skill, it will help him become a more confident, independent and innovative professional as well as a more content citizen.

All in all, the true purpose of education will be served if it is designed to meet individual needs and interests. However, designing of such a system can prove to be a very taxing and brainstorming exercise. Apart from highly qualified, trained and dedicated faculty, it will require a very flexible curriculum. All possible ways of exploiting a student’s talents will have to be kept in mind. It will also need a drastic change in the evaluation techniques prevailing in today’s education system. An innovative, transparent, impartial and flexible approach must be adopted to make individualistic education a success.