GRE Issue Essay 106

“Creating an appealing image has become more important in contemporary society than is the reality or truth behind that image.”

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This saying holds true in the modern world where you can consider yourself to have an appealing personality only if it appears the same to the people who are looking at you. Everyone likes to be in the company of people who are entertaining, jovial, witty, successful, wealthy etc. Therefore, it is obvious that creating an appealing image has become very important in contemporary society. The reality behind the image is not of any consequence as people can now hide their actual selves from the eyes of the public by effectively utilizing their right to privacy.

The importance of your image in the eyes of others assumes alarming proportions if you are a person whose career depends on his image. Politicians are an example of people who fall in this category. It is imperative that such people create an appealing image for themselves or else they may not get the kind of support that they require from the society. They have to show to the world that they are honest, trustworthy and responsible. The actual truth may be far from what is being projected, but it is necessary to present an appealing image or else the politicians are unlikely to be voted into power. This is the reason why whenever elections are around the corner; there is a huge drive to dig out the past of the leaders of the opposition parties so that their images can be tarnished in some way or the other. All this happens because it is a well known fact that having an annoying or disagreeable image will adversely affect the vote bank of the politicians.

It is true that the actual reality behind the images is more important, but the bitter truth is that the society no longer wishes to see the reality. Who would be interested in dining with a host who is formal and has a disagreeable disposition? What if such a host is the owner of a business establishment? He will not be able to get the best out of his employees if they do not like him at all. They will probably switch companies the moment they get a chance. This is because no matter what the boss is like in reality, all employees would like to work for a boss who appears to be pleasing and this can be done only if the boss presents an image of himself that is appealing in the eyes of the others. Therefore, the owner of the business will have to forcibly present himself as an agreeable person who is open to discussions with his employees and is willing to make adjustments for the comfort of the people who work under him. He may be an entirely different person in reality, but it will be more important for him to create an appealing image for himself if he wants his business to be successful.

The present society is easily swayed by the pleasing attitude of others. Everybody wants to be with those people who are good to get along with and are pleasing as well. Therefore, it is evident that it is far more important to create an appealing image rather than concentrating on the reality behind that image, especially if you are keen on succeeding in life.