GRE Argument Essay 67

The following appeared in a newsletter from a political organization.

“In order to promote economic growth in the city, city residents should vote ‘yes’ on the state government’s proposal to build a new expressway linking the outlying suburbs directly to the city center. A direct link to the city center will enable downtown businesses to receive deliveries more frequently, so that downtown retailers will no longer run out of stock and city manufacturers will not be affected by shortages of materials. Booming businesses will attract qualified workers from all over the state, workers who will be able to take advantage of the new expressway to commute to work in our city. In addition to these advantages, hundreds of workers will be employed to build the expressway, further stimulating the local economy!”

The above newsletter appeared from a political organization and the arguer supports the government’s proposal of building a new expressway which would connect outlying suburbs directly to the city. The arguer presents various arguments in favor of his stand. The first argument which the arguer presents is that the new expressway would enable businesses with prompt deliveries of stock so that the retailers will have enough stock and the city manufacturers do not have shortage of materials. The second argument that the arguer gives is that the businesses which would flourish as an outcome of the new expressway would attract workers from all over the state and they would make use of the expressway in the best possible manner. Also, in the construction work of new expressway hundreds of workers would be employed which would stimulate the local economy. The arguer fails to present relevant reasoning to support his arguments.

In the first argument, the arguer mentions that the new expressway would help in prompt deliveries for the businesses and the manufacturing units. However, the arguer has not mentioned that there was not any link between the city center and the suburbs. Also the arguer has not mentioned whether because of absence of the direct link between the city and the suburbs that manufacturing businesses are not receiving prompt deliveries which is affecting the retailing business. There could be a possibility that the manufacturing units are not able to meet the requirement of the retailing business which might be on the rise. There is a possibility that the city and suburbs are linked appropriately and a new expressway construction would only lead to straining manpower, resources and infrastructure which could be used somewhere else in the city for better development.

In the second argument the arguer mentions about attracting work force from all over the state which eventually would mean straining the other areas which need as much work force as the city centre. This could also lead to other businesses suffering in the work force front and it would affect the economy also. The arguer talks about employing a large number of people in the construction of the new expressway and thus generating income for the worker class and doing good to the economy. However, the arguer fails to estimate the huge amount of cost. However, the arguer has not judged the number of buildings that need to be demolished for construction of the expressway and it would be having an adverse effect on the economy. The arguer fails to bring into notice various negative aspects of constructing the new expressway. It would be quite draining on the economy rather that proving to be beneficial. It would also be adversely affecting other businesses.

The arguer fails to justify his stand in favor of building the new expressway as he lacks relevant explanations for his proposed arguments. The reasons in support should be convincing enough as it requires huge investment and also demolishing a number of existing buildings.