GRE Argument Essay 57

The following appeared in a memorandum from the president of Hyper-Go Toy Company.

“Last year, sales of our Fierce Fighter toy airplane declined sharply, even though the toy had been a top seller for three years. Our customer surveys show that parents are now more worried about youthful violence and are concerned about better education for their children. Therefore, to maintain profits we should discontinue all our action toys and focus exclusively on a new line of educational toys. Several other toy companies have already begun marketing educational toys and report sales increases last year of 200 percent. And since the average family income is growing, sales of new Hyper-Go toys should also increase.”

In the given argument, the president of Hyper-Go Toy Company suggests to discontinue all the action toys made by the company since the parents are showing an increased concern and worry about youthful violence. The president says that they should instead begin marketing educational toys to increase sales of its toys. However, the reasons he gives are not sufficient enough to come to this conclusion.

Firstly, there is no way that the argument confirms that the sale of Fierce Fighter toy airplane has declined due to the concern of parents regarding youthful violence. The sudden decline in the sale of the particular toy can be because of other reasons as well. It is possible that the quality of the toy has gone down in the recent times and it has lost its popularity. There could have been complaints from parents regarding its durability or falling standards due to which they have stopped buying it anymore.

Secondly, if the sales of Fierce Fighter airplane have decreased it does not mean that the sale of all action toys has declined. Fierce Fighter airplane is only one of the many action toys that are sold by the company. While the sale of this particular toy has declined nothing is mentioned about the sales of other action toys. It is possible that the sale of other action toys is comparatively good and the company is gaining profits from the same. Therefore, on the basis of sale report of one action toy, all the action toys should not be discontinued.

If the parents are concerned about better education of their children it cannot be said that educational toys will see a rise in sales. Being concerned about education also means that they are concerned about their studies. It is possible that instead of buying educational toys parents are thinking about recreational activities to occupy their children. They would probably like their children to play outdoor games and concentrate on studies in school. Thus, being concerned about their education they would like their children to perform well in academics. It does not indicate that they would prefer educational toys.

If other companies have gained profits from educational toys it does not mean that every educational toy is going to be popular with parents and children. The popularity of a toy depends upon many other factors. It is only if the educational toy is educating enough and interesting that people will buy it. If the toy does not satisfy the children or parents because it is boring and dull, it cannot be expected to earn profits. Therefore, only on the basis of other companies’ doing well by selling educational toys it cannot be decided that educational toys are popular.

Lastly, the increase in the sale of toys cannot be related to the increase in the average family income. It may be true that the average family income is increasing but it does not indicate that parents will spend more on toys for their children. It is likely that many people prefer to save their income for future. It is also possible that an increase in income is met with inflation. In that case, there will be no difference in the amount they are willing to spend on toys.

The given argument is therefore devoid of solid ground to support the decision of changing the line of toys. The reasons mentioned in the argument very well point at the other possibilities as well and the president should consider all aspects before reaching any conclusion.