GRE Argument Essay 184

Blue City Highway had always been notorious for its tight curves and poor roadway visibility, and the accident rate there was generally very high. Last year the highway was redesigned to broaden the curves and improve roadway visibility. Drivers report that they now feel much safer driving on the highway and that the redesign has been a big improvement. But the number of accidents on the highway has not been significantly lower in the six months since the redesign than it was in the six months before the redesign. Therefore, the redesign clearly did not improve the curves and roadway visibility enough to make a difference.

The writer of the given argument holds the view that redesigning of Blue City Highway has been of no use since there has not been a decrease in the number of accidents on the highway. He says that broadening of curves and improving roadway visibility has made the drivers feel much safer, but the number of accidents in the past six months has not been any less than before. He thus concludes that the redesign has not made any difference. However, the writer seems to ignore many other factors that could result in accidents on highways. The argument he presents is lacking in logic since it does not take into account the complete picture.

First of all, the writer does not mention if most of the accidents on the Blue City Highway occurred during day or at night. The accidents that occur due to poor visibility on the highway could occur only at night. However, there is no proof of this fact in the argument given by the writer. Therefore, there are equal or even more chances that these accidents occur in broad daylight. In that case the accidents have little to do with poor visibility of the highway. Therefore, the initial assumption that these accidents occurred due to poor roadway visibility is doubtful. It is evident that by improving the visibility, the accidents happening during day cannot be avoided. Similarly, the assumption that these accidents occurred due to tight curves is also doubtful. It is likely that even if there are such curves in the highway, these accidents do not occur due to them. There could be enough signboards warning of steep curves on the highway to make the drivers cautious. Therefore, the writer should probe into other probable reasons of accidents on the highway.

If there has not been a decrease in the number of accidents occurring on the highway, it does not indicate that the broadening of curves and improving visibility has not made any improvement. It is possible that there are no accidents due to these reasons but due to other factors which the writer is silent about. There could be many accidents due to drunken driving. It is possible that the highway is frequented by people after visiting parties and pubs and thus they are drunk while they are driving. In this case the accidents would not stop occurring even if the highway has been redesigned.

Further, it can be said that there is exceptionally heavy traffic on Blue City Highway. It is likely that the highway is the only way of commuting for people and it experiences heavy traffic overall. In that case, the accidents could be occurring due to this heavy traffic and not due to the curves or visibility. Similarly, the traffic could also be too fast resulting in a number of accidents.

The writer also does not say anything about the condition of the highway in his argument. It is possible that the highway needs repair in many places and is full of potholes. Therefore, a speeding vehicle could meet with surprises with these bumps existing on the highway that could result in accidents. Moreover, the writer does not say anything about the training and license of the drivers in the city. If there are many young drivers driving without license, it is likely that these accidents occur due their carelessness.

It is evident that there are many other factors that can be responsible for the number of accidents on the highway. By ignoring these factors the writer displays a lack of broad outlook towards the issue. Therefore, it can be said that redesigning of the highway could have improved the highway, but this does not promise to avoid all the accidents on the highway.