GRE Argument Essay 183

The following appeared in a letter from the mayor of Tudor City.

“After a major airline chose Yorkville as its regional flight hub, the number of businesses in that city almost doubled and local tax revenue increased by 50 percent. In addition, as travel to Yorkville became easier, most respondents to a survey of the country’s top executives identified Yorkville as a desirable place to transact business. To secure efficient transportation for Tudor City and stimulate our local economy, we should build a new airport, like the one in Yorkville, that is suitable for a regional flight hub.”

The mayor of Tudor City is highly encouraged by the regional flight hub built in Yorkville that has increased the number of businesses as well as tax revenues in the city. He says that most of the top executives find Yorkville a place to expand business. Taking a clue from this, he suggests that a similar regional flight hub be built in Tudor City in order to improve its economy and transportation. The argument seems convincing at the first glance, but it loses this convincing power once it is analyzed carefully. The following discussion makes the argument given by the mayor illogical and baseless.

First of all, the mayor mentions that the businesses in Yorkville have doubled and tax revenue increased by 50 percent after the regional flight hub was built. However, until actual figures are known, this could be misleading data. It is possible that the actual increase in businesses and tax revenues is not significant enough to translate into economic success.

The mayor seems to believe that the boost in the economy of Yorkville is only due to the new regional flight hub built in the city. Where it could be a reason of the increase in the businesses, it might not be the only reason behind this increase. There are many other factors that are responsible for attracting businessmen to a city other than its facilities of regional flights. It is possible that Yorkville is an upcoming city and is very suitable for establishing business. On the other hand Tudor City might not be an attractive place to establish business. Therefore, building a new regional hub might make traveling easier to the city, but it might not attract many businessmen.

The increase in the local tax revenue of Yorkville could be due to many reasons other than increase in business. For example, it is possible that the administration, which was not very efficient before, has become strict in the collection of revenue. It is also possible that there is a change in the laws regarding tax revenues and the city has started levying more tax from its people. Moreover, it is also possible that tax revenue from business does not form a major part of the total tax revenue of the city but is due to taxes from other areas like employed residents and property of residents. All these possibilities indicate that the increase in local tax revenue could be due to other reasons and not due to the increase in businesses.

The mayor refers to a survey where most of the top executives expressed a desire to transact business in Yorkshire since it has become easier to travel. However, this may not be the case with Tudor City. It is possible that very few executives find Tudor City attractive enough even if a regional flight hub is built there. Moreover, it is also possible that the survey is not conducted on all the executives. It is possible that a large number of executives who have not been included in the survey have different thoughts and are not affected by the new regional flight hub.

Considering that the boost in the economy of Yorkville is due to the regional flight hub, it must be understood that Tudor City might not have the same effect of a flight hub in its city. Tudor City might not be an upcoming area where there are huge prospects of businesses. It is clear that the mayor does not consider the points given in the discussion given above. Building a new airport for regional flights involves a huge amount of money. Therefore, the mayor must think logically about the benefits of building a new airport and give more authentic reasons to support his view.