GRE Argument Essay 11

“The Mozart School of Music should obviously be the first choice of any music student aware of its reputation. First of all, the Mozart School stresses intensive practice and training, so that students typically begin their training at a very young age. Second, the school has ample facilities and up-to-date professional equipment, and its faculty includes some of the most distinguished music teachers in the world. Finally, many Mozart graduates have gone on to be the best known and most highly paid musicians in the nation.”

The argument presented above is based on clearly mentioned reasons. It says that the Mozart School of Music has all the qualities of a good school of music because of which music students should choose it over other schools. It lays importance on training since timely and good training leads to good learning. The school not only boasts of having all the latest equipments and numerous facilities for students, it also has the best teachers that you can have. According to the argument, students graduating from this school turn out to be successful by being popular as well as highly paid musicians of the nation. However, the argument cannot be called completely true since there are many situations where it can lose its stand.

First of all, the argument does not consider the presence of other reputed music schools. It can be called a one-sided argument since no reference is made of any comparison with the features of other music schools. It is possible that apart from the Mozart School of Music there are other schools with additional features that are also popular amongst students. In that case, the Mozart School of Music is not the obvious first choice since it will have to face the competition of other reputed music schools.

The argument says that this school stresses on the importance of training and practice, which are very important to begin at a young age. However, it does not mention about the quality of practice and training being imparted. Although there are many distinguished music teachers, it cannot be said that the music education being imparted is of the utmost quality. This is because there is a lot that depends upon the attitude of the faculty as well as students. It is possible that not much is being done in the name of training. If the teachers are not serious about teaching the students, it reflects in the quality of learning and training.

Having ample facilities and latest professional equipment is surely important for any music school to be reputed but it is not the sole factor that can attract students. Equipment can be gotten with funds, but they need to be made the best use of in order to be useful for students. Some colleges are concerned about maintaining the equipment to such an extent that they do not allow the use of expensive and latest equipment by students to avoid damaging them. This type of equipment is of no use and it will not help in making students learn.

The argument says that many students graduating from the Mozart School of Music have turned out to be noted and highly paid musicians. However, this fact could be a mere co-incidence. It is likely that these students could have reached the high in their life by purely their own efforts. In such a case, the school could have taken the opportunity to take the credit of it in order to attract more students.

It can thus be seen that nearly all the statements presented in the argument can have a different side to them. Considering the other possibilities, which are equally possible, it can be said that the Mozart School of Music may not be the first choice of students. Hence, the argument loses its meaning.