GRE Argument Essay 178

The following appeared in a memo from the manager of television station KICK.

“A nationwide survey reveals that a sizeable majority of men would like to see additional sports programs on television. After television station WACK increased its sports broadcasts, its share of the television audience in its viewing area almost doubled. To gain a larger audience share in our area, and thus increase company profits, KICK should also revise its broadcast schedule to include more sports coverage.”

In his memo, the manager of the television station KICK suggests that they should broadcast more sports programs in order to increase the viewer-ship as well as company profits. This suggestion comes after the manager observes that such a change made by the television station WACK had increased their television audience. He also refers to a survey where many men agree that they would like to see sports programs on television. The manager however, is mistaken and makes hasty conclusions. The success of a television station depends upon many things and he must consider this before giving such suggestions.

The nationwide survey that the manager refers to does not give a proper idea of the number of people preferring sports programs on television. Without any proper data the result of the survey can be misunderstood. It only mentions that a sizable majority of men would like to see sports programs. However, if this sizable majority of men is large enough to affect the viewer-ship or not, cannot be known unless the total number of people is known. It is likely that the number of people who do not wish to see sports programs is more than those who want to see the programs.

Secondly, the survey is conducted only on men and seems to ignore a large section of the society, which includes women, children and the old. Men are only a part of the society, however, a large section of the viewer-ship of television programs comprises of women and children also. If majority of men are interested in sports programs, the women, children and the old may not be interested in the same. In such a case, if the television station KICK decides to broadcast more sports programs, it might lose a major part of its audience, hence affecting its profits.

The success of the television station WACK can be attributed to many factors that are ignored by the manager in his argument. If the sports programs relayed by this television station have doubled the share of audience, it could be because of some ongoing sports events which are extremely popular. However, if there are no popular events going on at a particular time, it is likely that the sports programs do not find a large audience. Moreover, it is possible that the area where WACK relays its programs comprises majority of young college students. However, if KICK has to broadcast any sports related programs, it must first make a proper statistical survey of the audience in its area. It is only if there are many young boys and girls who are interested in such programs that the viewer-ship of the television station will increase.

Further, the increase in the number of audience also depends upon the quality of programs being relayed. The programs that are broadcasted should not only have an interesting subject, but it should also be presented well to its audience. If the audience would like to watch sports programs and the television station does not present it in an interesting and gripping manner, it will not attract many viewers. Similarly, if the audience is interested in watching football and the television station broadcasts an event of wrestling, it will again not increase the share of its audience.

Clearly, the manager has not thought of these related issues that can have a great impact on the popularity of a television station. He should not expect to increase the company’s share of profits simply by following the strategy followed by another television station. Instead, he must consider the above given discussion and think logically before giving any suggestions.