GRE Argument Essay 175

The following appeared in a memo from the president of Bower Builders, a company that constructs new homes.

“A nationwide survey reveals that the two most desired home features are a bathroom with a whirlpool tub and a large kitchen. Homes in a nearby development built by our competitor, Domus Construction, have whirlpool tubs and have sold much faster and at significantly higher prices than the average. To increase our sales and profits, we should include whirlpool tubs and larger kitchens as standard features in all our new homes. Since our recent buyers have voiced no complaints about small yards, we can also increase profits by decreasing the size of our yards.”

In his memo, the president of Bower Builders suggests that they should include whirlpool tubs and large kitchens in all their new homes in order to increase sales and profits. His suggestion comes from the homes built by Domus Construction, which have these features and have sold faster and at prices higher than average. Further he suggests that they could decrease the size of yards since there have been no complaints from buyers about having small yards. The president, however, is mistaken in believing so and should look at the issue using logic and reasoning.

Firstly, the president refers to a nationwide survey that people prefer whirlpool tubs and large kitchens. However, since the scope of the survey is too large, Bower Builders must refer to a more specific survey. They should consider the demand of buyers in the area where they want to build homes. It is likely that in some places, people do not prefer whirlpool tubs and large kitchens. People in some parts of the nation could have a fancy for simpler and old styled homes without these tubs and large kitchens. It is likely that due to the fast paced life of people of a certain area, they do not spend too much time cooking in their kitchens, due to which they would prefer smaller kitchens. The president should keep in mind that even if the general nationwide survey indicates a particular trend, there could be variation in the choice of buyers from place to place.

The president should not base his suggestion on the experience of another construction company. It could be true that the houses of Domus Construction have sold at higher prices and faster than average. However, it is possible that this is not because they have included whirlpool tubs and large kitchens in their homes. The prices of homes also depend upon the locations. If the homes constructed by Domus Construction are located at a prime location, it is evident that they will be sold fast and at a higher price. Moreover, Domus Construction could be targeting rich people who need luxuries like the whirlpool tubs in their homes. However, this may not be the case with all buyers. The president should think logically about the location of their homes and the category of buyers that would prefer those homes. Accordingly, it is possible that where they are constructing homes, people do not want to invest in large kitchens and whirlpool tubs.

Further, it can be said that selecting one design for all the homes is not a wise decision to be taken by a construction company. Bower Builders should offer variety in the homes that they build with different combinations of features in different houses. As discussed above, the choice of buyers can vary. Some buyers may desire large kitchens but may not want whirlpool tubs, while some may like the opposite.

Lastly, there could be a large number of people who would not like to compromise on the yard space for larger kitchens. In this age where there is hardly any open space, people would desire to have open yards in their homes. If recent customers have voiced no complaints about small yards, it is possible that the builders misinterpret their demand and offer very small yards. Since there is no mention of any specification in terms of area of the yard, it is possible that the builders build smaller yards than those preferred by people. Therefore, the president should not rely on the arbitrary data as is given by him in the argument.

It is evident from the discussion given above that the president does not consider many key issues that need consideration before making such suggestions. The argument given by the president proves to be unreasonable and illogical since it does not take into consideration these important issues.