GRE Argument Essay 172

The following appeared in an article in Supplements Today.

“Dieticians have long known that professional athletes who eat a lot of nuts have higher levels of endurance than those who do not. Researchers have recently discovered that the particular combination of vitamin N and fiber found in some nuts provides a boost for those who participate in strenuous physical activities daily. Both vitamin N and fiber supplements are easily synthesized and widely available. As a result, all those who participate in athletic activities will be able to increase their endurance and win more games by taking vitamin N along with a fiber supplement.”

The author of the article is of the view that athletes can increase their endurance and win more games if they take vitamin N along with fiber supplement. He comes to this conclusion following a research, which says that a specific combination of vitamin N and fiber supplements helps in boosting the level of energy in people who are engaged in strenuous activities. It is also known that an intake of nuts increases endurance levels in athletes. In the first instance, the article seems convincing and foolproof. However, a detailed analysis exposes the weakness in the argument provided by the author.

There may be a boost of energy felt by an intake of vitamin N and fiber in nuts, but the author needs to provide enough evidence that this boost is more than that provided by the intake of nuts in order to be beneficial to athletes. As is mentioned, nuts provide higher levels of endurance to athletes, the boost provided by an intake of vitamin N and fiber may not be significant for them. It is possible that the energy and endurance that they derive from nuts is more than that provided by the combination of vitamin N and fiber in nuts.

Moreover, the author needs to support the research with some significant statistical data that proves that the intake of vitamin N and fiber supplements taken by athletes improves endurance levels and provides a boost. There are many other factors that are responsible for the energy and level of endurance amongst athletes. The overall diet of athletes has a great effect on their stamina. Similarly, the level of practice and exercise also plays an important role in the endurance level of athletic people. There needs to be a detailed research keeping in mind all the factors so that the effect of vitamin N and fiber on the endurance of athletes is pointed out. Therefore, there is lack of proof that vitamin N and fiber would help in increasing endurance amongst athletes.

There are a number of athletic events that are different in nature from each other. The energy required for different events is of different levels. While some events require the muscular development of a particular area like legs, other events require the development and endurance in arms more than in legs. However, the argument does not take into account this difference and gives a general conclusion for all the athletes. It only mentions the effect of the vitamin and fiber on the people doing strenuous physical activity. However, winning a game requires specific training and development of endurance of particular area in athletes.

Athletes have to be very careful before taking any energy-boosting supplement. This is because they need to be free of any banned substance that might enhance their performance. However, the argument suggests that athletes should take vitamin N and fiber supplements without mentioning their other effects. It is possible that the intake of this particular substance is not recommended to athletes because of its heightened effects. Therefore, even if it helps in increasing the endurance levels it would not be of any use to athletes. The arguer, however, has not taken this into account.

Lastly, there is no surety of the statement that the athlete who takes vitamin and fiber supplements would surely win the game. There could be a number of athletes taking nuts, vitamin N and fiber supplements; however, there is only one winner in a game. Therefore, the argument proves to be false for the other athletes who have been taking these supplements but have not won the game. It can, therefore, be seen that the arguer displays a lack of logic and judgment in presenting his argument. Instead, he should take into consideration the above given argument and amend his article to make it convincing and logical.