GRE Argument Essay 135

The following appeared in a newsletter on dental health.

“A recent research study reported the experience of dentists whose patients had, over a period of five years, regularly used Flux Dental Floss as part of their dental hygiene routine. The report indicates that these dentists had 50 percent fewer cases of gum disease than did dentists whose patients did not use Flux regularly. In addition, most of the Flux users who were surveyed by their dentists agreed that Flux’s mint flavor would encourage people to floss more often. Thus, even though Flux may cost more than other brands of floss, it is clearly a worthwhile investment for those who want to be assured of healthy teeth and gums.”

The given argument promotes the use of Flux Dental Floss and gives reasons to support it. According to it, the dentists whose patients regularly used Flux had fewer cases of gum disease than patients of other dentists did. Moreover, it is mentioned that its mint flavor would encourage people to floss more often and despite its high cost people would invest in it for healthy teeth and gums. However, this argument can be criticized for its one-sided approach. The arguer seems to support Flux Dental Floss without giving enough evidence for the same.

First of all, the report of the research study reported that the dentists whose patients used Flux had fewer cases of gum disease than other dentists whose patients did not use it. However, this does not provide enough proof of the product’s effectiveness as compared to other dental flosses. Firstly, it is not known if people who are not using Flux are actually using another brand or not. If people were not using any dental floss, they would surely have more gum diseases than those who used it regularly. Secondly, there is no way by which it can be determined if the dentists examined in the study represented all the dentists. It is likely that the research was conducted on very few dentists. In that case, the dentists who have not been consulted in the study might have different opinions about Flux and its effectiveness.

Further, the argument says that Flux users agree that its mint flavor would encourage users to floss more often. This is, however, an inconsistent statement since the argument does not give enough evidence to prove that mint flavor is liked by people. It is possible that many users do not prefer mint-flavored floss due to their personal likings. It is also possible that there are other brands of floss that also offer floss with mint flavor. In that case the argument does not suggest how Flux would be a better choice for customers. Moreover, a fair comparison between Flux and other brands can be made only if Flux users have used other dental flosses. However, the argument does not give any detail regarding these things. Therefore, based on this statement a conclusion about using Flux instead of any other brand cannot be made.

There are many other brands that offer dental floss in the market. People have a choice from which they can select. As discussed above, it is not evident from the details given in the argument that people will choose Flux over other flosses. Flux is unreasonably mentioned as a worthwhile commodity even at a high cost. Considering the choice available in the market, the customers will prefer the product that is not only good but also easy on their pocket. If there are other brands of floss that are effective and are available at a cheaper price than Flux, then people will prefer to buy the cheaper brand.

Dental hygiene is a matter of good dental habits. According to the argument, Flux is the best option for those who want to assure healthy teeth and gums. However, this is not the only option. It is surely not possible that those who do not use Flux cannot maintain a good dental hygiene. People can use other dental flosses and keep their gums and teeth healthy and free from diseases. The argument fails to explain why people should prefer Flux to other brands. It can, therefore, be seen that the argument lacks evidence and reasons to promote Flux Dental Floss. Flux is supported by the argument very imperceptibly and therefore the argument can be discarded as weak and ineffective to convey its stand.