GRE Argument Essay 123

The following appeared in a proposal from economic minister of country of Paraterra.

In order to strengthen its lagging economy, last year the government of Bellegea began an advertising campaign to promote ecologically sound tourism (ecotourism).This year, the number of foreign visitors arriving at Bellegea’s main airport doubled, and per capita income in Bellegea increased by ten percent. To provide more income for the population of Paraterra and to preserve the natural environment of our tiny country, we too should begin to promote ecotourism. To ensure that our advertising campaign is successful, we should hire the current director of Bellegea’s National Tourism office as a consultant for the campaign.

The given argument advocates the steps adopted by the government of the country Bellegea to strengthen its lagging economy. It says that advertisement campaign begun by the government of Bellegea, to promote eco tourism doubled the visitors at Bellegea’s main airport and also increased the country’s per capita income by ten percent. It is suggested that in order to increase the income of people of Paraterra and to preserve its natural environment, same steps should be taken up by hiring the current director of Bellegea’s National Tourism office as a consultant for the camp.

However, adopting the promotion campaign for ecotourism does not guarantee any boost in the economy of Paraterra. This is primarily because the two countries in the case may be entirely different in terms of their environment, climate, locations for sight seeing, area, population and infrastructure. What may have helped in the increase of tourism in Bellega, may not work in the case of Paraterra.

Consequently, if at all some consultation in advertising campaign to promote tourism is required, then the various above mentioned aspects should be considered. Hiring of the current director of Bellega’s National Tourism office for consultation may not yield the desired results. Instead, someone with good amount of experience and familiarity with the resources of Paraterra, can be more beneficial.

More so, doubling of visitors at the main airport of Bellegea may be due to other reasons. It may be because of cost reduction in the country’s international air fares, due to launch of new airlines or any such other reason. Also, more visitors at the airport do not indicate growth of tourism. The visitors may be there for some business or education purpose. There may be government employees on duty or people dropping in as part of their break journey. It is not clear if all the visitors at the airport were actually tourists.

Likewise, the increase in per capita income of Bellegea by ten percent may not necessarily be due to the growing tourism. No adequate proof has been attached to believe so. The rise in per capita income may be due to more export of goods, new international business transactions or establishment of new companies.

In other words such steps which may have been crucial in the strengthening of the country’s economy are simply ignored. In addition to all this, no data has been given to show if the ad- campaign really helped in preserving the natural environment of Bellegea. Last but not the least, for the growth of economy in Parattera, there may be more important issues that need to be dealt with. Tourism may not prove to be a strong point for Paraterra and there may be other issues which can boost up its economy, like say more employment, better education, adoption of new technologies etc.

In summary, the argument is not convincing at all, as it takes a one track approach without considering various other possibilities of the situation at hand. Each state has distinct features and requirements. Therefore, instead of blindly following the steps taken by the other country, a detailed study of the factors responsible for the lagging economy in Paraterra should be done.