GRE Argument Essay 121

The following appeared in a memorandum from the president of Excello Food Markets.

“In 90 towns where Excello has food markets, natural-food stores specializing in organic food products – products containing no chemical preservatives and made with foods grown without pesticides – have opened nearby as competitors. Surveys of our own customers reveal a growing concern about foods grown using pesticides or preserved with chemicals. Recently our market in Sun City participated in a local food tasting fair, and 75 percent of the fair goers who visited the Excello booth requested free samples of organic fruit. Such evidence indicates that to increase our profits, we should begin to stock a full line of organic food products in all our markets.”

The memorandum from the president of Excello Food markets expresses the need to begin a full line of stock of organic products. The concern is based on the competitions raised by the nearby natural food stores specializing in organic food. According to the argument, organic food products are gaining more popularity because they are free of pesticides and chemical preservatives.

However, the rising competition with the nearby markets may not be entirely based on the organic value of the food available there. There seems to be no proof in support of the above mentioned assumption. It is quite possible that these food products are becoming popular due to their better quality or may be better taste. There is a fair possibility of better advertisement for these newly launched organic food products. The memorandum has not considered the role of media in giving hype to the organic content of these products. Correspondingly, the need of the hour may be met by better advertisements through various media channels.

Moreover, the argument of the president is based on the survey conducted in a single city, where the customers at the food tasting fair requested for free samples of organic fruits in Excello booth. This, in no way implies that customers are favoring the other organic food products as well. It may simply be suggesting that they would like to try organic fruits, produced by Excello Food. This in fact shows their preference and contentment for the quality and taste of Excello Food products, over organic fruits already available in the market.

Instead of following the techniques adopted by others, they could better their products and set standards for others to follow. It would be rather wise to conduct a survey of detailed comparison of their products with the new organic ones on various criteria like price, taste, quality, range, packaging and variety of flavors. In addition to this, a scientific study may be done on the possible harm due to little amounts of chemical preservatives and to further nullify the effect of pesticides used, by fine processing methods. A word about such facts and researches can be spread through effective modes of media. This will not only improve their products in the long run but also strengthen the faith and goodwill among their customers.

Also, it would not be wise to abandon ancient techniques and ingredients used in their products, since the assumption seems to be largely based on the rising popularity of other organic food products. The actual profits made by these companies in comparison to Excello Food have not been discussed. The argument is deficient of enough research done among customers. The criteria of the survey conducted in a single city, and its possible limitations have not been discussed. Thus, the argument stands weak and unconvincing.

The fact that Excello Food has markets in nearly 90 towns supports the liking and acceptance for its products. Hastily changing the entire line of stock without adequate study and thought may prove to be disastrous. Conclusively before doing away with the already adopted ways, all possibilities and factors must be given a serious thought after an elaborate survey.