GRE Argument Essay 100

The following appeared in a letter from the manager of a rock band named Double Rice.

“One year ago, tickets for Double Rice’s concerts in stadiums around the country took, on average, at least 24 hours to sell out, if they sold out at all. But the band has been enjoying a surge in nationwide popularity among 14 to 25 year olds, and the 30,000 tickets for a recent concert in Megalopolis sold out in 12 minutes. Clearly the ticket sales in Megalopolis are a result both of the band’s increased popularity and of the advertising campaign run in Megalopolis by the Ad Lib advertising agency. Thus, in order to ensure that the band’s success in Megalopolis is repeated across the country, the band should hire Ad Lib to duplicate the Megalopolis ad campaign on a nationwide scale.”

The manager of the rock band, Double Rice draws the conclusion that the advertising company Ad Lib should be hired for an ad campaign to be launched across the country for the band’s concerts. The manager supports his conclusion by presenting the statistics related to the sale of tickets of the band’s concert at Megalopolis. The manager argues that the 30,000 tickets for the said concert were sold out within 12 minutes because of the publicity generated by Ad Lib’s ad campaign. He compares these statistics with that which existed 1 year ago when it took at least 24 hours for the tickets to the concerts to be sold out. Additionally, the manager attributes this sale of tickets to the popularity of the band among the people who are in the age bracket of 14 to 25 years. Despite the facts and line of reasoning adopted by the manager, he fails to convince the reader that his argument is well-reasoned and that the conclusion is justified.

A major flaw in the argument is that the arguer has not discussed any other factor that may have been instrumental in the overwhelming sale of tickets at Megalopolis. It is likely that the band was accompanied by some other artists for the concert. The presence of these artists might have generated an interest in the concert and the tickets sold out in 12 minutes. Additionally, there is a likelihood that the venue of the concert was such that there were some other events going on in the vicinity that attracted large crowds. The people would have bought the tickets to the concert as they were already present in the neighborhood. Moreover, the concert was probably held during the summer vacations when the people, especially the students, were free to spend time attending a concert and hence, the concert was a success in Megalopolis. Furthermore, it is likely that the artists of Double Rice band hail from the city of Megalopolis and this could explain why there was a huge crowd for their concert. In either of these cases, the publicity campaign by Ad Lib has little or nothing to do with the success of the concert. Therefore, the justification provided by the arguer in the form of the ad campaign by Ad Lib for the success of the band’s concert in Megalopolis is not valid.

Even if we assume that the ad campaign by Ad Lib in Megalopolis actually contributed to the concert’s success in major way, it is not necessary that the ad campaign by Ad Lib throughout the entire country would be as successful as it has been in Megalopolis. This is because there is no mention of the effectiveness of Ad Lib in launching a successful campaign in the remaining parts of the country. It is likely that Ad Lib is based in Megalopolis and they have access to local resources and probably this could explain why their campaign was a success in Megalopolis. If the band is indeed popular among the 14 to 25 year olds, it is likely that Megalopolis is an educational center with numerous colleges and universities and therefore, its population consists of a large number of young people and hence, the tickets were sold out in 12 minutes. It is unlikely that the conditions will be similar in the other cities across the country. Therefore, the assumption that the ad campaign by Ad Lib would be as successful in the remaining parts of the country is not justified.

As the argument has failed to clearly link the success of the band’s concert at Megalopolis to the ad campaign by Ad Lib, the conclusion that Ad Lib should be hired for repeating the same across the country is not justified. The argument could have been strengthened if the manager had provided credible evidence that proved beyond doubt that the ad campaign by Ad Lib alone would be sufficient to rake in high profits for the band. In the absence of such evidence, the argument is largely flawed and it fails to sound convincing enough.