GRE Argument Essay 238

The following is a letter to the editor of a local newspaper.

“As a local merchant, I wish to support the development of a ski resort in the state park north of our township. Along with many other merchants who favor the proposal by Ski the Slopes, Incorporated, I would, of course, experience a growth in my business. But I also know how much more prosperous, not to mention lively and interesting, our community would be if tourism increased. Since the main opposition comes from a few environmentalists* who do not even live in this community, I see no reason to give in to their views. The First National Bank has finally researched the project and agreed to fund it. As a result, I see no reason to delay development of the resort.”

*Environmentalists are people who advocate the preservation of the natural environment.

In a letter from to the editor of a local newspaper, a local merchant has expressed his support in the development of ski resort in the state park north of their township. The merchant expresses his willingness along with many other merchants for the proposal by Ski the Slopes, Incorporated, as it would help him grow his business. He supports his argument by citing example of increased tourism that would make his community more lively and interesting. He has also expressed discontent over the opposition of the environmentalists over the same issue, who do not even live in the same community. He further mentions the consent of the First National Bank to fund the project, after having done a research on the same.

Though, the author has expressed his desire and that of other merchants to develop ski resort in the state park, the proposal seems to have a number of flaws. Firstly, replacing the state park with a resort does not sound like a good idea. It will curb the access of local people, especially children and elder citizens to a green and open area. It will limit the fresh environment for the old who may have just few natural surroundings for recreation.

Since, the extent of greenery in the township is not mentioned, there may be a drastic increase in pollution if green areas are already limited in number. There may be some significant reason for the environmentalists’ opposition to the project, though they are not the residents of the area themselves. These reasons must be looked into with genuine concern. In other words, the fact that these environmentalists do not live in the area where the development of the resort is proposed, does not indicate unnecessary interference on the behalf of the environmentalists. It rather adds to the graveness of the situation as even the outsiders to the town are expressing concern over harm likely to be caused by the project.

Next, the approval of the First National Bank to fund the project after it carried out a research on the same, does not nullify the ill-effects likely to be caused by the project. The nature of research conducted is not discussed. It may be entirely based on the likely monetary returns and prospects in funding the project. This may be economically beneficial for the customers and bank itself, but it can be completely indifferent to the discomfort caused to the locals in general.

In addition to this, the willingness of the merchant to have a resort built in his township is understood as businessmen would be generally concerned with monetary benefits than the general welfare of the people in terms of health. The depiction of a lively picture of his community due to the arrival of more tourists maybe only an illusion of the author. The tourists, their transport and lifestyles may not be taken well by the locals. The peace and serenity of the place may be disturbed by the tourists and by the facilities likely to follow for their comfort. For example, there may be more fast food joints, clubs, discotheques etc. which may not be suitable for the quiet culture of the township, especially because of the prime area of state park being occupied by the resort.

Thus, keeping the above discussion in mind, the resort should not be built in the proposed location. Furthermore, a fair opinion poll of all the residents and arguments of environmentalists should also be considered.