Contrast Between GMAT And GRE

GMAT GRE – Which One Is Better

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. It is administered throughout the world in select locations in order to select students to admit them into the graduate management programs of many famous universities across different parts of the world. The test is administered as a computer adaptive test (CAT) in many locations across the world. In testing locations devoid of good computing facilities, it is administered as a paper based test. This test is priced at US $250.

GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination. This test too is administered worldwide for the intake of students into the graduate level programs of various universities across the world. The GRE is administered as a computer based test (CBT) in many locations and the test takers in locations devoid of adequate computing facilities will have to take the GRE as a paper based test. The GRE is priced at US $160 for the candidates appearing in the US, Puerto Rico and other US territories and is priced at US $190 for all other test takers appearing from other testing locations.

What GMAT and GRE share in common?

    • The testing pattern of both tests are the same.
    • The test content of both are typically the same. Both exams consists of three sections, viz Quantitative section, Verbal section and Analytical Writing Assessment section.
    • Only prospective undergraduates who wish to pursue their graduate level studies are eligible to take the tests.
    • The syllabus for both tests is almost the same.

Where do they differ?

    • The tests differ in prices.
    • The GMAT is the test for student intake into only graduate management programs while GRE is the test for student intake into masters program in sciences, literature as well as business programs too.
    • The GMAT is evaluated for a total score of 800 while the GRE is evaluated for a total score of 1600.
    • There are many speculations about which test is tougher than the other but arguably, GMAT as a whole is considered by many as a tougher test of the both tests. However, many consider the Verbal section of the GRE is tougher compared to that of the GMAT.

Which one is better?

We cannot fairly distinguish between both the tests. We cannot quantify that one of them is better than the other but we can just find some factors that can show a subtle difference between both these tests.

    • GMAT is attempted less compared to the GRE. This might be due to the fact that there would be more graduates who would prefer an exam that could offer selection for both the science as well as management courses to an exam meant only for management courses.
    • Moreover, for a graduate to secure admission through the GMAT, his work experience surely counts. An experienced test taker has more chances to secure admission than a fresh under graduate despite same score.
    • There are more universities who accept GRE compared to the number of universities that accept the GMAT scores. Also, due to the fact that the number of universities that are accepting the GRE scores for admissions into their management programs is increasing, GRE is gaining more popularity compared to that of GMAT.

Pros and Cons of GMAT and GRE

    • Both assessments are very convenient to the test takers to take them relative to other competitive tests. GRE is considered more convenient of all. They can be taken conveniently by test takers at different locations of the world on the date of their choice. The test takers can also choose the test centre that is nearest to them. However, GMAT is administered in less number of test locations as compared to the GRE.
  • The main disadvantage of both the tests is that there are many parts of the world where test takers might not have the technical exposure required to take the computer based tests. However, in places with no advanced computing facilities, paper based test is administered.