Suitable Testing Centers for GMAT

Which GMAT test center shall suit you best

The GMAT is a computer adaptive competitive exam, taken by prospective MBA candidates, which serves as an admission criteria in the famous B-schools within the US, UK, Canada, U.S. territories and other places around the globe. The General Management Admission Council (GMAC), administers this exam in more than 530  testing centers covering more than 111 countries worldwide. The test is also available in a paper- based format. It measures your quantitative, verbal and analytical writing skills, suitable for a business administration study in the B-schools. In order to find a center, you will have to follow some basic directions and get to know about the most suitable one in your location.

How can you find the testing centers?

Finding the correct place of test is very easy. You need to specify some of your location details. You need to follow a few simple steps to get to know about the available test centers near your home. At first, go to the official GMAT webpage and then click on ‘find a test center’ link. This is the step just before you register for the GMAT. Remember, you need to go through the proper guidelines and terms of services in the GMAT bulletin before you look for the center.

What happens if you click the ‘find a test center’ link?

Once you have clicked on that link, you will face the appointment search page which has several fields that you need to fill. You need to specify particular search criteria for your test center. Following are some tips on how to find the seat for test.

    • First, you need to choose the number of test centers you would like to know about. You will get to choose up to five places, which are closest to your location.
    • Second, you need to assign the country to which you belong. This is necessary information, which is required to spot your suitable place for taking the exam.
    • Third, you need to provide the address of your house in order to know about the nearest centers. In the next blank you need to enter the name of the city and the ZIP or postal code of your location.
    • Once you are done with your personal details and details about your location, the next step is to find the place. Hit the ‘search’ button, which is placed just below the field left for the ZIP code.
    • Once the search is over, you can get the list of centers, which are available for your convenience. The centers, which appear in the following table in the appointment search page, are the number of test centers available for you to take the GMAT. Other information like the distance from your home, name of the city of test center, the state or province they belong to and the helpful Google maps are also provided alongside the test center names. These information guides you through the complete process of registration. Select up to a maximum of four desirable centers and then hit ‘next’ to know about the available test dates.

This is the best way to find out about the exam center. Another thing to note here is that, you may also need to find about the availability of seats. Once you have selected up to four places and selected ‘next’, you will be able to view all the information about that centers including the availability of seats.