Study Material Options for the GMAT

GMAT Study Material That You Cannot Do Without

With the advent of technology and the internet, preparation methods for GMAT have witnessed a radical change. While books still remain the most trusted form for gaining knowledge, other forms of study materials such as e-books, software CDs and online materials have gained a wide acceptance. The internet is a huge source for a wide variety of options available for preparation with hundreds of institutions and websites promising preparation courses. It is important to filter the relevant content from the irrelevant ones before using the information available for the preparation of GMAT.

  • E-Books:Books are the most trusted of all study materials and the most effective for the preparation of GMAT. There are many books available in the market apart from study guides. Some of them have become extremely popular and are considered useful in scoring high. Books are no longer only available in paper, as we know them to be. They are now available in their digital form as e-books as they are popularly termed. There is a plethora of e-books on test preparation on the internet. While some are available for download at a nominal cost, others can be downloaded for free. Some popular sites for that provide downloadable e-books are:

    Other than being cheaper than their paper counterparts, e-books can be carried everywhere as they are easy to download and save in the personal devices and can be read while commuting or travelling.

  • E-courses:One of the best methods for the preparation of GMAT is through a reputed and proven preparation course. However, it is not easy to enroll for a classroom course as they are not available everywhere. The other more convenient option is to join an online course. Almost all the renowned courses today are available as both classroom based and online based ones. These courses are flexible and provide the complete training for the test. Some of the best known online courses are provided by:

    The study materials provided by these preparation courses cover every aspect of the test and trains the student on computer adaptive tests for a thorough practice.

  • Mock Tests and Practice Tests:Any prep material is incomplete without an ample number of mock tests and practice tests. Practice is one of the most important aspects of the preparation of GMAT. There are many websites that offer a free mock test or practice test while some may allow you to download a few of their tests. While you may be tempted to take one of these freely available tests, keep in mind that not all tests may prove to be useful. It is recommended to gauge the quality of the questions before solving the tests. Some reliable resources on the internet for practice tests are:

    Some of the prep course websites also allow one or two practice tests for free.

  • Private tutoring, e- Classes, Tutorials:For students who prefer to be tutored privately, there are several companies that offer the option of private tutoring. Private tutoring can also be availed online. The student can connect through web-conferencing and communicate with the tutor just like he would in a classroom. Learning through virtual classrooms is fast becoming popular as students can access superior courses or learn from experienced tutors, irrespective of their geographical location.